Reforest’Action / Pampers plants trees alongside Reforest’Action with their Harmonie range, made from plant-based materials
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Pampers plants trees alongside Reforest’Action with their Harmonie range, made from plant-based materials

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Until mid-January 2020, Pampers has made a commitment to plant 80,000 trees with Reforest’Action through their Harmony range. Created with plant-based materials and produced by 100% renewable energy, the Harmony range celebrates its first birthday today. This initiative with Reforest’Action is part of Pampers’ “7 Acts for Good” program, which aims to sustainably reduce the environmental footprint of their products.

80,000 trees planted in France and Tanzania

A year after its launch, the nappy range Pampers Harmonie helps us take one step forward in support of the planet. Each pack purchased between 15th October 2019 and 15th January 2020 contributes to reforestation projects in France and in Tanzania. In France, these projects allow for the restoration of forests damaged by natural hazards. On African soil, the trees planted will contribute to reforestation efforts in deforested zones.

The 80,000 trees planted by Pampers are intended as a complementary action alongside the brand’s commitments to reduce their environmental footprint. By way of example, Pampers Harmonie nappies, Oeko-Tex certified, are made from plant-based materials and using 100% renewable energy. FSC certified, the cellulose fiber comes from sustainably managed forests. “We created Harmonie nappies to fulfil the needs of parents by having products that contain natural ingredients without compromising on their absorbency, which is the No.1 advantage of our nappies”, explains Laetitia Xoual, head of Marketing at Pampers.

Environmental footprint reduction and collaborative reforestation

In addition to their Harmonie range, Pampers has been working on reducing their carbon footprint for several years. Through their "7 Acts for Good" program the brand has set itself concrete objectives: to use 50% sustainable materials by 2030, produce packaging that is 100% recyclable and 50% recycled or renewable by 2025 and to continue to develop the recycling of its products in 3 big cities by 2021, an important issue for the nappy market.

Until then, customers who buy Harmonie nappies and wipes can take action, concretely, for the forests with Reforest’Action. Attracted by our approach of collaborative reforestation, Pampers invites customers to plant trees online via our site in order to raise awareness about the importance of forests for the climate, biodiversity, current and future generations. “For many years, Pampers has been dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint, for example, by using cellulose from sustainably managed forests. For us, contributing to reforestation and afforestation projects is another step in the right direction. Meeting the Reforest’Action team – seeing their passion and the positive impact of their projects – confirmed this for us”, says Laetitia Xoual.