Reforest’Action / In Peru, forest restoration and agroforestery create wealth for villagers
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In Peru, forest restoration and agroforestery create wealth for villagers


Conserving endemic species and generating income for the population

In the province of La Convención, deforestation is mainly linked to intensive logging and agricultural exploitation. But water shortages, fires and the advanced state of soil degradation also contribute to the destruction of the vegetation cover in this region, which is particularly affected by poverty. In this context, Reforest'Action has joined forces with the local NGO Pachamama Raymi to restore forests and create agroforestry systems for local communities. Committed over 1 year with the objective of planting a total of 300,000 trees of various species, planting activities began in December 2022 and will end in April 2023.

The actions carried out in the field will allow the reintroduction of valuable or endangered native species in degraded forest plots. These endemic species will contribute to the restoration of the ecosystem properties of the areas concerned. To carry out this project, forestry committees are formed to strengthen community organization and involve villagers in restoration actions.

The project is the result of a collective effort mobilizing local populations and aims to develop agroforestry by planting trees in existing coffee, banana and cocoa plots, whose management will be improved through cleaning of weeds, fertilization and pest control. The trees planted in agroforestry will enrich the soil and provide a protective cover for the crops, thus improving productivity and creating new sources of income for the families, thanks to the sale of the fruit from the trees. The approach is thus based on the reactivation of a family economy and on the creation of wealth from agro-forests.

Integrating and training communities in forest preservation issues

Throughout the year, actions are carried out by our partner Pachamama Raymi in favor of health prevention, sanitation of homes, implementation of family gardens as well as improving the learning of virtuous environmental and social practices. The exchange of experience between the families benefiting from this project and from projects carried out beforehand is one of the cornerstones of this approach.

Also with the objective of mobilizing the population of the province of La Convención, an inter-community competition is held twice a year to strengthen communication, organization and the valorization of existing knowledge in environmental and social practices. This is an opportunity for the 265 participants from farming families to share their experiences with each other and with farmers who are experts in their fields, thus accelerating changes in their farming practices. The first competition ended in December 2022. The winning community was recognized for their achievements and progress at the Prosperity Festival.

News from the field: from nursery production to planting

Between October and December 2022, nursery production and maintenance activities were conducted by our partner Pachamama Raymi. A total of 300,000 seedlings of 12 different species were produced to be planted in the field: red cedar, Andean cedar, chuncho pine, patula pine, capirona, mahogany, bamboo, pisonay, pacaymono, teak tree, shaina and bolaina.

At the same time, soil analyses were carried out in the private plots associated with the project, with the objective of identifying potential deficiencies in phosphorus, potassium and organic matter, and to improve their fertility as much as possible in view of planting trees in agroforestry.

Due to the delay of the rains, which only appeared in mid-December, the soil cultivation started later than expected. Tree planting in the field is underway and will be completed by April 2023.