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Presenting my Tree : a Mango Tree !


I just realized that I have never mentioned my tree. I say 'my' because I planted it myself. Planting a tree was a unique experience that gave me great satisfaction. In September 2010 I planted my Mango Tree in the heart of a nursery created by the local women in the village of Teyel. In 3 or 4 years from now, it will produce its first fruit that will be sold in the local marketplace. In my absence, I have asked Fatima to take good care of it for me. In exchange for her help, she can harvest the mangos and use them any way she chooses. I am pretty sure she will share with the community because that is the mentality there. The idea behind our reforestation site, is to give you the same experience that I had in Senegal. Of course the trees that you plant on our site will not be in your own garden. They will be planted next to mine or somewhere else in the region. The good news is that they will provide numerous benefits to the environment and local population. That is the idea. Best Regards, Stephane