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The Reforest 'Action Team in the Field


At the end of September 2010, the Reforest 'Action teams visited Teyel, Senegal to investigate and measure the benefits provided by the trees to the villagers and the environment. In 2 years, 800,000 trees have been planted in 35 villages of Eastern Senegal through the Trees&Life program. The first fruit trees we planted are starting to bear fruit, giving the first concrete benefits to the women who planted them. The Jatropha hedges define the farmers' property lines and are beginning to produce an oil that serves as a biofuel for local energy needs. Rain has been abundant this year and we even had floods in some crop fields. Like every other year, the grain stores are at their lowest during the 'lean' period, but we must continue to work on an empty stomach. The strong will and perseverance of the women who work in the fields with their children on their backs amaze us. We are proud to be able to assist them with their daily lives through Reforest 'Action because of your help. Very soon we will introduce you to our contacts in the field. Regards, The Reforest 'Action Team