Reforest’Action / Reforest'Action becomes a member of the European Forest Institute
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Reforest'Action becomes a member of the European Forest Institute

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By becoming a member of the European Forest Institute, Reforest'Action intends to strengthen its dialogue with a variety of European forest stakeholders, including scientists. The aim is to continue to expand its work on the continent in the areas of forest restoration, afforestation and urban forests.

Founded in 1992, the EFI aims to provide scientific data on forests to nourish political and juridic decisions-making at the European level and to develop research and development programs.

Why is Reforest'Action joining the EFI?

European forests are at a turning point in their history: citizens, companies and governments are becoming increasingly aware of the role played by these ecosystems in preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change. Various public policies, recently voted or being defined in Europe, will have a direct impact on forests over the next 10 years (Green Deal, European Forest Strategy, 3 Billion Tree Afforestation Plan, Biodiversity Strategy...).

In this evolving context, Reforest'Action is a major player in European reforestation and afforestation, overseeing 950 projects to date and working with a wide range of stakeholders including experts, forest managers and owners, companies, universities, cities and public-private consortiums. Our European action is developing and currently covers 16 different countries on public and private land and with various types of forests. Reforest’Action works on forest restoration projects, via planting and assisted natural regeneration and afforestation. Systematically integrating a diversity of tree species - in order to strengthen the resistance of forests to hazards and their capacity to provide ecosystem services -, our European projects are monitored over time by our teams, in cooperation with local stakeholders.

By becoming a member of the EFI, Reforest'Action is integrating its network: this is an opportunity for Reforest'Action to keep strengthening its presence within the European framework. In this sense, contributing via the EFI network to the forestry dialogue on the continent with a diversity of stakeholders, especially scientists, will potentially lead to the emergence of new synergies for the continuous improvement of afforestation projects in the field. Projects based on the last scientific advances and which can incorporate innovative methods. This dialogue could take the form of participation to EFI events organised through the Think Forest forum, on a variety of topics, with little or no link to public policy, such as forest restoration for the circular bioeconomy.

Objectives of the European Forest Institute

By bringing together a wide range of stakeholders (searchers, companies, civil society and policy makers), the EFI strengthens international forestry research and provides decision makers with forest data at a pan-European level. The EFI currently has 28 member countries and 115 organisations from over 37 countries.

The EFI strategy for 2025 is based on three strategic objectives: an ambitious European forest research and innovation area; science-based policies to address societal challenges and opportunities; and raising society's awareness of the importance of forests. Through advocacy, research, networking, building and dialogue activities, EFI aims to raise awareness of forest issues and include as many stakeholders as possible in the dialogue.