Reforest’Action / Reforest'Action becomes official endorser of the New York Declaration on Forests
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Reforest'Action becomes official endorser of the New York Declaration on Forests

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Adopted in 2014 and revised in 2021, the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) is a global political text calling for international action to protect and restore forests by 2030 through 10 goals. Subject to an annual progress review, the Declaration is supported by nearly 200 governments, businesses, NGOs and indigenous communities. In 2022, Reforest'Action became an official endorser of the NYDF.

Ten goals to achieve by 2030

The New York Declaration on Forests was adopted in September 2014 at the Climate Summit. Bringing together 10 goals, the text constitutes the first global agenda aimed at, among other things, halting deforestation and restoring 350 million hectares of degraded forest land and landscapes across the globe by 2030. While the 2020 interim targets were not met, the NYDF has been revised into a new version in 2021. Meeting these targets would mitigate climate change by more than 7 billion tons of CO2e per year.

While not legally binding and distinct from the UN Global Forests Goals, the Declaration represents the primary global text for mobilizing a diversity of stakeholders for international action on forests. By becoming an official endorser of the NYDF, Reforest'Action joins some 200 governments, businesses, NGOs and other indigenous communities committed to helping achieve these goals by 2030 by turning commitments into action. This commitment will also allow Reforest'Action to benefit from the NYDF network and the sharing of experiences among official supporters.

A platform to accelerate action

Established in 2017, the Forest Declaration Platform aims to be one of the world's most comprehensive multi-stakeholder frameworks for forest action. It was founded in response to requests from NYDF supporters for a multi-stakeholder space to energize political endorsement of the Declaration, to facilitate coordination and communication, to share best practices, resources and lessons, and to support ongoing monitoring of progress.

Led by a secretariat composed of UNDP and civil society actors, the Platform has several missions, including publishing an independent annual assessment of progress towards the commitments contained in the NYDF and other texts such as the Glasgow Declaration adopted at COP26. The Platform's mission is also to scale up and accelerate forest action by providing support and implementation mechanisms at the regional and national levels, and to encourage the political ambition of world leaders through collaborative action.