Reforest'Actor: Aude


For the birth of his daughter, Aude received 10 trees to plant with Reforest'Action. A symbolic gift that seduced her and that corresponds particularly to the messages she wishes to communicate to her daughter when she is older.

The Mag : Who are you, Aude, what are you doing in life, what are you passionate about?

I'm 26, I have a background in ecological engineering, I worked for 1 year at the Ministry of Ecology in France, on the ecosystem services rendered by wetlands. I am interested in all animals, I like to observe birds and I have a 13 year old dog, Aska.

The Mag : You have received trees to plant for the birth of your daughter; what does this gift represent for you?

These trees represent the future because they will grow at the same time as our daughter. They will still be there in several generations and will experience a lot of changes, especially climatic, in the years to come. Hoping that the generation of our daughter and the following will be better than previous generations to preserve the environment.

The Mag : On, you have planted a tree at each place where you want to take your daughter when she is older. Could you tell us about these places that you have chosen?

We chose these places either because we know the region and want to take our daughter there, or to discover it with her. For example, we planted 1 tree in the United States where we never went because they are the precursors of the environmental movement with their huge national parks and an impressive diversity of landscapes. We then chose places in France, preferably near national or regional parks as well, because they are always places where it is pleasant to walk and where one can see beautiful landscapes. Normandy is the native region of my family, so our daughter will be able to visit her tree and see it grow regularly.

The Mag : Everyday, what are your tips for making a positive impact on the world around you?

We try to follow simple rules: turn off the light and unused electrical appliances, do not run the water too long, respect all forms of life, limit our consumption of meat and try to eat as much as possible locally and seasonally.

The Mag : What would you say to those around you to motivate them to plant trees in their turn?

Planting a tree is useful for the planet because it serves as habitat for a multitude of animals, absorbs the carbon dioxide that is emitted and is a renewable energy resource.