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Reforest'Actors : Charles & Nathan


With nearly 55,000 Reforest'Actors, our community keeps expanding every day. We went to meet those who participate with us in the reforestation of our planet! Today, discover the interview of Charles, 23 years old, and Nathan, 22 years old, two friends who have just returned from a zero waste bike roadtrip. To compensate for the impact of their trip, they decided to plant 177 trees with Reforest'Action.

The Mag: Who are you, Charles and Nathan, what are you doing in life, what are you passionate about?

We are two students of engineering school in agronomy and food industries in Nancy (France). We have a common passion, the motorcycle, transmitted by our respective fathers, as well as the protection of the environment transmitted mainly by our studies. From these two passions, we decided to embark on the adventure MotoRecycle Tour!

Le Mag: Tell us about your roadtrip in a few words: how was this project born?

In an engineering school, we have the opportunity to carry out a so-called "caesura" year. We decided to give a part of this year to a project that combines the passion of the motorcycle and the protection of the environment. For more than a year, we have been thinking about this project to define the conditions: two motorcycles, 20,000 km, 3 months, 25 countries in Europe (from the North Cape to Norway to the southern tip of Greece) and a goal: to produce zero waste by choosing reusable or recyclable products. MotoRecycle Tour was born!

Le Mag: How did you come up with the idea of ​​offsetting your CO2 emissions by planting trees?

The idea of ​​a zero-waste roadtrip came pretty quickly. For the maintenance of our motorcycles, we also decide to keep the used oil and the various filters each time to deposit them in a garage that will be able to recycle these products. It was with these small gestures that we were able to realize our objective zero waste! But how could we be consistent if we do not reckon CO2 emissions from motorcycles? It is thanks to Reforest'Action that we have been able to fulfill this objective by financing the planting of a number of trees equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted during our roadtrip.

The Mag: How did you choose the projects on which your trees will be planted?

The planting of the trees on the digital platform of Reforest'Action was of a childish facility. I live (Charles) right next to the forest of Fontainebleau (77) and Nathan lived for a long time beside the Bessat (42). These forests and their protection affect us closely and we chose to plant 91 trees in Fontainebleau and 86 trees in the Bessat to offset our carbon footprint.

The Mag: On a daily basis, what are your tricks to have a positive impact on the world?

In everyday life, we sort out our waste. When shopping, we ensure that there are no unnecessary packaging (which is not always easy). This already allows us to limit our impact on the environment. During our roadtrip, we used only eco-responsible hygienic products: a compostable wooden toothbrush, a solid toothpaste, an alum stone as deodorant and Marseille soap.

Le Mag: What would you say to your entourage to motivate them to plant trees in turn?

We believe that we must fight against the current trend of trying to make nature fold to satisfy the will and the needs of humanity. Everyone, through their small actions, can help counteract this dynamic, and planting trees is a simple and accessible way to act on its scale today.