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Reforestation Projects in Foulamory Yero


A small path connects the Senegalese villages of Foulamory Yero and Teyel. Access between the two villages is difficult during the rainy season and it is easy to get stuck in the mud. In Foulamory Yero, 4 youths joined the Trees & Life program to create a nursery with 500 plants that will be available to their fellow villagers.

Over the last few months, they have planted 200 cashew trees near the school to educate the students about the importance of trees and the multiple roles the trees play. The cashew trees produce nuts obviously (and thus provide supplemental income), but in addition they are effective in fighting brush fires (cashew trees are particularly resistant to fire). Their last round of planting was washed away by the rains, so the challenge is to find unflooded land that is available. This entails appealing to the chief of the village as well as Samba, the project's water and forest expert. For this foursome, the reforestation project is a way to make a living while staying in their village. Most young men and women from the area go to the nearby cities to study or work, but they prefer to stay and help support their families. These trees are a way for them to make their dreams come true.