Reforest’Action / Salon Success Ltd plants 26.000 trees with Reforest'Action
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Salon Success Ltd plants 26.000 trees with Reforest'Action


What a contribution! Salon Success Ltd, the distributor of Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care Products to salons in the UK and Europe have financed the plantation of 26.000 trees with Reforest'Action in Peru and Haiti. Their contribution is part of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree engagement to plant 500.000 trees by the end of 2016.

These trees are being managed in nurseries in both Countries before being planted in the ground during the next few months. Stephane Hallaire, founder of Reforest'Action explains :"The contribution from Salon Success Ltd will deliver strong social and environmental benefits in Peru and Haiti. We will plant Maya nut trees which will provide food, medicine and additional revenues to the populations. They will also contribute to soil fertilizing in regions where deforestation has damaged the environment."

The Reforest'Action team is very proud to support Salon Success Ltd in its actions for the environment. To discover what they do, please follow this link.