Reforest’Action / Senegal: focus on sesame
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Senegal: focus on sesame


Launched in 2014 by our partner SOPREEF, which coordinates the planting of trees financed by Reforest'Action with the support of Kinomé, the sesame sector aims to enable producers to sell their seeds at an economically profitable price.

This inclusive and equitable trade mechanism ensures the sustainability of direct income of vital importance to a socially vulnerable population.

The results of the 2017 harvest indicate a better control of cultivation practices through a fairly significant improvement in agricultural yields.

Twenty-two farmers who are members of the agroforestry project supported by Reforest'Action are now involved in the sesame sector. They dedicate about 1.5 ha of land to growing the plant. Trees planted in and around fields store water in the soil, provide shade for crops and protect against animal intrusions.

Sesame producers saw their harvest increase from 1 ton in 2014 to 3 tons in 2017 for an equivalent seeded area. They were thus able to share a total income of about 1,500,000 CFA francs, which amounts to an average income of 68,181 CFA francs per producer. A precious complement to the income generated by the exploitation of groundnuts and millet.

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