Reforest’Action / Senegal: trees are growing in our nurseries!
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Senegal: trees are growing in our nurseries!


In Senegal, on the reforestation project supported by Reforest'Action and conducted in the field by our partner Kinome, the tree production campaign has been in full swing since March.

The nurserymen in our project have already produced most of the slow-growing species that will be planted this season: lemon trees, guava, jatropha and moringas. Today, about 3350 seedlings are ready to be distributed and planted; another 5100 trees will be available in June.

The nurseryman Moussa Diakité maintains the trees in the nurseries

This year, local producers have been directly involved in the production of trees in nurseries, and will also be involved in their distribution within the planting plots.

Reforest'Action - Kinomé planting plots in Senegal

They will be all the more ready to maintain and increase this reforestation dynamic for the well-being of all.

Plant trees in Senegal as well by clicking here!