Reforest’Action / Toys ’’R’’ Us is Planting Trees with Reforest’ Action
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Toys ’’R’’ Us is Planting Trees with Reforest’ Action


Between March 28th and April 15th, Toys’’R’’Us invites its clients on and to plant Mango Trees, Jatropha Hedges or Eucalyptus Trees in Senegal. This simple action, realized in partnership with Reforest’Action, allows clients to have a positive impact on the environment and the social development in Saloum, Senegal. With this action, web users do much more than plant a seed. For a tree to grow and offer environmental, economic and social benefits, several things must also happen and these things are all included in the price of a tree: selection of reforestation projects, choosing tree species, planting the seedlings in a nursery, teaching the villagers the benefits of trees and how to care for them, buying the materials, bringing back news from the field, monitoring the project's effectiveness, selecting future projects...