Reforest’Action / Tree nurseries installed in Peru
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Tree nurseries installed in Peru


In Peru, our reforestation project is run by our local partners, Urku Amazonian Studies and Maya Nut Institute. Thanks to John Paul Mitchell Systems support, 60.000 trees will be planted in the dry forest of San Martin region this year. Most of the Maya Nut trees will be planted in July. That’s why tree nurseries were installed in may in Tarapoto, the largest city of the region. So far 5.000 Maya Nut seedlings have been planted on 10 acres to enrich secondary forests and areas surrounding the participating communities. Mature Maya Nut trees can grow to 50m tall and more than 2m in diameter.

The other seedlings are currently growing up in tree nurseries that have been installed both in Tarapoto and Yaku Sisa community. Those young babies will be picked out in July.

Workshops and community involvement So as the trees grow up properly, six workshops were conducted in native communities Yaku Sisa and San Juan de Miraflores dealing with tree nurseries, use of seedlings from natural regeneration and enrichment planting techniques with emphasis on the species of Maya Nut forests. In addition, two meetings were held in the communities to sign agreements for the care and maintenance of cultivated plants.

To date, a total of 200 people take part to the project, distributed as follows. 10% are committed in capacity building activities, 25% are involved in reforestation part, and the rest are devoted to meeting communities in the ancestral territory.