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Reforest'Action invites you to participate in the restoration of burnt forests in Portugal, a project led by the Diocese of Lisbon and proposed by Sylva Nova. 
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Marvao - Portugal

1 239 trees planted

Project benefits

  • Climate 717 381 km by car offsetted

  • Biodiversity 3 717 shelters for animals created

  • Health 4 956 months of oxygen generated

  • Employment 1 239 hour(s) of work created

They take part to the plantation

Number of Reforest'actors : 224

Project description

Join us in to restore burned forests in Portugal, in 4 municipalities. This project is led by the Diocese of Lisbon and is proposed by the forestry firm Sylva Nova.

The project at a glance

  • Number of trees to be planted: about 30,000
  • Planting area: about 50 hectares
  • Species planted: maritime pine, chestnut, tauzin oak, faginated oak, glutinous alder, arbutus and sorbus
  • Type of project: Restoration of forests degraded by fires
  • Planting season: Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Context et benefits

This project covers several areas. The latter are all degraded by fires. The lack of resources for management and poor natural regeneration requires action and plantation:


  • Marvao - District of Portoalegre

​Within the Serra de Sao Mamede Natural Park, 12,170 trees are being planted in an area devastated by a fire in 2003. The project covers more than 23 hectares and will restore the dynamics of this mountain forest ecosystem.

  • Meda - Guarda District

This area is desert and the massifs that populated this rocky land were devastated in 2016 by a fire. Regeneration is very insufficient in this very rocky area. The planting of 11,467 trees on an area of about 24 hectares will help to revive the population.

  • Maçao - Santarem District

2,884 trees are planted on 2.3 hectares in the Ocreza Archaeological Park. The area was devastated in 2003 by a fire. 


  • Abrantes - Santarém District

​This massif was damaged twice by a first fire in 2003 and a second in 2017. There are 3,581 trees planted on an area of about 3.5 hectares.

Photos of the projects