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In a world where climate, CSR and environmental communication issues are growing every day, we have set up a « Reforest’Ethique » framework that allows us to act with our contributors in a constructive and responsible manner.

As the world's leading terrestrial carbon sink and the main source of global biodiversity, forests are a solution that is widely supported by a growing number of stakeholders who want to act alongside us, particularly for the climate. In this context, aware of the importance of our mission, we apply on a daily basis a governance method designed with experts in sustainable development and communication and validated by our ethics committee.

This « Reforest’Ethique » approach is based on three documents: our governance, our ethics and a responsible communication charter.


Our Governance

In this document, we explain our mission: to enable everyone to restore and protect the world's forests. We also specify who we are, a reforestation company, and what we are not.

In this respect, our actions are complementary to those of actors who carry out missions for which we declare ourselves incompetent but which are nevertheless necessary so that collectively we can continue to progress in our practices in the service of the Planet. Thus, Reforest'Action is not:

-a specialist in reducing CO2 emissions
-a whistleblower
-an environmental audit firm
-a communication agency
-or a consulting firm

Once our identity has been clarified, we then detail our governance process in 3 phases: selection and monitoring of reforestation projects, financing of our actions and support for our technical and ethical committees.

Discover all our governance by clicking here.


Our Ethics

Any organization wishing to act for the forest alongside us by committing to plant a minimum of 2000 trees must answer, before concluding a collaboration, a series of questions relating to:

  • the impact of its activity on forests, climate and biodiversity
  • -ts past, present and future environmental commitment and ambitions
  • the type of communication envisaged

Based on the answers to these questions, Reforest'Action decides whether or not to enter into a collaboration with the company and can provide it with communication recommendations. If necessary, we can also solicit our ethics committee to obtain the opinion of its members on the collaboration project.


Our responsible communication charter

The third and final step in our « Reforest’Ethique » approach, our Responsible Communication Charter was drafted with experts in environmental communication. It brings together 7 simple and clear principles to guide our contributing companies in their communication. Objective: to ensure that they deploy messages and tools that are fair, consistent and proportionate to their level of engagement with us. Any company planting trees with Reforest'Action undertakes to respect this charter.