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The Reforest'Team is based in Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris, in France.




Stéphane Hallaire is an engineer. After an eye-opening trip to Senegal, where he planted his first tree in Casamance, he decided to change his life and created Reforest'Action. His goal: finally provide concrete solutions to businesses to act on the environment, and make it a real lever for positive and sustainable development. Nine years after the beginning of this odyssey, Reforest'Action celebrates its 3 million trees planted!





MARIE MAGNE  Administrative Assistant

Marie loves above all to take care of others and feel useful for real. At Reforest'Action, she is in charge of the administrative management but also of the well-being of everyone. Our good fairy believes in the korrigans and other leprechauns who live in her heart region, Brittany. Convinced that it is education that will protect the Planet, Marie is the happy mother of three little girls. Outside of work, you will probably find her creating manual activities for her children and spending time with her family!





LUDIVINE BUVAT  Director of Marketing and Communication

An expert in marketing and communication, Ludivine likes to link the creativity of her profession to meaningful projects. With Reforest'Action, she puts her know-how at the service of a cause that is dear to her heart, and places human relations at the heart of her priorities. A fan of running and meditation, Ludivine embodies the living energy of the great leafy trees she admires so much, and finds in the forest a universe that allows her to reconnect to the essential. Her motto - and that of Reforest'Action? Believe in the possible rather than the impossible!




NICOLAS BLAIN  Director of Institutional and Media Relations

Coming from a background in International Law, Nicolas began his career working for the United Nations with indigenous peoples (Pygmies) of Congo. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the rainforest, which probably contributed to lead him to Reforest'Action. This nature lover likes to walk on mountain tops, where he found the humility and wisdom that humanity needs to meet current environmental challenges. His hope? That Nature and ecosystems will have Rights one day and that man will rebuild his lifestyle on a harmonious respect for biodiversity!




ANNE-LISE AVRIL  Team Communication

Anne-Lise spent the summers of her childhood in the forest of the Ardennes, and she is still nostalgic for its mysteries and poetry. Passionate about literature, she is always preparing for her next trip: from the icebergs of Greenland to the dunes of Namibia, it is the vast and distant spaces that attract her most. At Reforest'Action, she combines photography and writing to highlight our reforestation projects and those that make them possible. Always on the lookout for a beautiful story, she listens to the trees that whisper them and the forests that transmit them.




KATIA PRASSOLOFF  Team Communication

Katia started her career in a company that made lemonade. Today, she plants lemon trees (and many other species) with Reforest'Action! A nice loop, which has led her, in the meantime, from a specialization in marketing to a reconversion in CSR to accompany companies on the path of sustainable development. She still keeps in her heart the forest of Tronçais, in which she liked to lose herself in her childhood. The oak, which is the king of this forest, remains today her totem tree, whose wisdom and robustness she admires. Two qualities that guide her in her daily work!





MARION LECONTE  Team Communication

Passionate about digital technology and project management, Marion joins the Communication Team of Reforest'Action, of which she shares the optimistic vision of change. Convinced of the beauty and poetry of simple things, she draws from the forests a source of wisdom and peace. The plant world is also for her a true culinary inspiration to reinvent her plate with respect for animal well-being. A great admirer of the squirrels that inhabit our forests, she adopts their agility and adaptability in all circumstances.





VIRGINIE COURMONT  Team Communication

Virginie grew up in the open air of the Picardy countryside, near the forest of Compiègne. After 20 years of experience in marketing and partnerships, she switched to sustainable development and joined Reforest'Action to become actively involved in forest preservation. Passionate about horse riding and sailing, which allow her to be as close as possible to nature, she dreams of a healthier and more welcoming environment for future generations. Outside the office, you may find her organizing creative upcycling workshops with her daughters or travelling with her family to discover distant horizons!




FIFI LE FICUS  Wellness Officer

Fifi the Fig Tree is the team's mascot and has taken part in numerous photo shoots. When he is not wandering with the rest of the Green Team, he rests his green leaves in the middle of the Communication Centre. The oldest tree in the office, it brings a touch of greenery and well-being. We hope to continue to honour him in our future adventures!






PIERRE GACHES  Operations Director

Pierre spent his childhood in the forest of Petite-Gouffern in Normandy, which remains a place of renewal for him today. He developed his career in France and internationally, notably in Mexico and Tunisia, in the circular economy and microfinance sectors, before joining our team as Operations Director. Passionate about the development of meaningful projects, he combines, at Reforest'Action, his attachment to the forest with a mission anchored in the heart of the current challenges facing the planet. He mobilizes his energy, on a daily basis, to enable his team to always take up new challenges!




ISABELLE DUPIN  Team Partnerships

Isabelle has always kept out of the box. After living a year in Côte d'Ivoire and six months in Peru to better understand the challenges of deforestation and the Amazonian forest, she ultimately decided to settle down and join Reforest'Action, wanting more than ever to act for the environment. In her everyday life, she shows herself to be available and dedicated to her customers, happy to know that every day, trees are planted through her work!





FANNY EPAUD  Team Partnerships

Fanny grew up in the salt marshes of Guérande. A unique place from which she kept a very strong love of nature and the great outdoors. An ecologist at heart and in her mind, she spends her days at Reforest'Action convincing the largest companies in the world to plant trees. Always in search of new discoveries, she is crazy about Cameroonian art house cinema. Her dream? Succeed in making the tiny pine tree which keeps her company on her desk grow into a very tall tree!





STEPHANIE BONET  Team Partnerships

Originally from the city of Gex on the border between France and Switzerland, Stéphanie is passionate about everything that allows her to discover the beauty of the world: travel, meditation, ethnic art, high mountain sports... Vegetarian, she is involved through different associations for a better recognition of animal rights and struggles for the protection of the Jura lynx in particular. With Reforest'Action, she helps companies in their commitment to the environment, and excels at convincing the most reluctant of the interest of trees to fight climate change!




JIHANE GUENOUN  Team Partnerships

Born in Casablanca, Jihane draws her inspiration from the cultural and natural wealth of the countries she explores. After an experience in Brazil and Greece to plant trees and pick their fruits, then the co-founding of an agroforestry project in Morocco, she joined the Reforest'Action team. Her daily mission: to develop the funding of our projects by companies. Passionate about Brazilian music, Jihane is fluent in five languages. She shares, with the olive trees of her native country, the light and peace that emanate from them.




LAURE POUCHELON  Team Partnerships

Laure has always been keen to place the general interest at the centre of her professional experiences. Trained at ESSEC and then at Cornell University in the United States, she has worked for the UN, the Inter-American Development Bank and social entrepreneurship all over the world. She joins our team with the objective of helping companies build their climate change adaptation strategies. Passionate about Aikido, whose philosophy is rooted in nature and invites inspiration from trees, she finds the perfect balance at Reforest'Action!




HACENE CHAOUCHI  Team Partnerships

Originally from Algeria, Hacene grew up in the south of France, by the sea. But it is now the protection of forests that drives him on a daily basis. Within Reforest'Action's Partnership Pole, Hacene has no equal to accompany companies in the planting of their trees. Fascinated by the snow leopard, he shares its serenity and wisdom in every situation. His sense of humour and wit contributes to the good mood of the Green Team. Its distinctive sign? You'll never find him in the same room as a spider!





MARINE BOISSIER  Chargée de Relations Entreprises

After law school, Marine began her career as a lawyer. She joined Reforest'Action to put her qualities to work for a cause that is close to her heart: environmental protection. Passionate about the forests, near which she has chosen to live in order to always remain connected to nature, she takes care, on a daily basis, of our partners who support our reforestation projects. Her motto? "Patience and length of time are more than strength or rage." An adage that perfectly reflects the wisdom and perseverance of our growing forests!





THIBAUD POULAIN  Team Forestry Projects (France)

Thibaud shines with his complete vision of the environment, the fragility of its balances and its capacity for resilience. As a child, he built tree houses. Today, these green giants continue to represent for him a source of permanent wonder. The one who whispers in the ear of the forests is also listening, at Reforest'Action, to passionate forest owners and enthusiastic project holders. Thibaud will make your ideas grow to plant even more trees everywhere in the world!





DIMITRI D'HELFT  Team Forestry Projects (France)

Known in the team as "the man who loved blue titmice", Dimitri spent part of his childhood in a small village in the Ardennes, lost between the woods and meadows. There, he learned about the joys of the forest through his bike rides in the footsteps of the great fauna. At Reforest'Action, he ensures the link with forest owners thanks to his outstanding sense of contact. Outside of work, he devotes himself to his family and the construction of a wooden house in Normandy. A project that reflects his desire to live in harmony with the environment and the essential values of Nature.




CAROLINE BIERINX  Team Forestry Projects (International)

Caroline has always answered the call of the adventure: India to support the development of a Himalayan village, Reunion Island to produce essential oils, Vietnam to work on an organic farm, Madagascar to study mangrove management... It is to the call of the forest that she now answers at Reforest'Action. For her, trees all have a story to tell, things to teach us. A small but not insignificant asset: our little botanist is unbeatable in terms of plant biodiversity, and always good advice to pamper the green plants in our offices!





MARIE ABBOUD  Team Forestry Projects (France)

Trained in forest management and urban greening at AgroParisTech, Marie joins the Forest Team, which she enriches with her energy and passion. Trees have always been her playground: from the tortuous cedars of her childhood to the forests planted by Reforest'Action, Marie blossoms in the heart of nature. Her taste for wide open spaces probably comes from the Lebanese and Breton branches of his family. A lover of friendly moments, she believes in the unifying power of cooking, and even produces her own beer. A real gift for the Green Team!