3 843 924Trees planted

Our plantation project of 1000 trees in Péruwelz will be planted at the beginning of 2018 thanks to the Miyawaki planting method.

Péruwelz (Belgium)

778 trees planted

Project benefits

  • Climate 778 000 km by car offsetted

  • Biodiversity 2 334 shelters for animals created

  • Health 3 112 months of oxygen generated

  • Employment 778 hour(s) of work created

They take part to the plantation

Number of Reforest'actors : 125

Project description

Wild forest in the city

Help us grow a wild forest in the city thanks to Professor Miyawaki's incredible method!

In Peruwelz, in Belgium, more than 15 different species will be planted on an abandoned wasteland thanks to this technique applied by our partner Urban Forests. A thousand trees will take root very close to the city and will offer it a breathe of fresh air!


Who is Miyawaki?

Miyawaki is the most famous Japanese botanist in the world. His method is very simple and yet revolutionary for the forests of tomorrow. It is based on two main principles:

  • Select tree species native to the planting area that will best adapt to the field.
  • Reproduce the complexity of a natural environment, where young shoots stimulate and compete with each other, and grow faster.


Create a naturel ecosystem

The forests created thanks to the Miyawaki method are different from the forests obtained by a method of reforestation classic by 3 essential aspects:

  • A development 10 times faster thanks to the emulation created between the plants;
  • A density 30 times higher, which absorbs a larger amount of CO2;
  • A biodiversity 100 times higher, thanks to the plant density that does not allow humans to access the forest.

In Peruwelz, the forest created will thus form a rich and natural ecosystem, a real wild forest in an urban environment!

So, let's plant those trees?!


Photos of the projects