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Your company wishes to act in favor of the environment, climate change or the well-being of local populations through concrete, visible and useful action for all. The urban forest is the solution!


Why create an urban forest?

Reforest'Action offers you the opportunity to participate with them in the development of greener, more sustainable and more beautiful cities by growing urban forests in record time.


The urban forest: benefits for the environment and citizens

CO2 storage

Contribution to the fight against climate change


Development of local flora and fauna

Air Pollution Control

Up to 50% reduction in the concentration of fine particles in the atmosphere

Urban Refreshment

Up to -8°C ambient air temperatures

Well-being of populations

Improving the health and morale of local residents

What does an urban forest developed by Reforest'Action look like?


Urban forests inspired by Japan

Inspired by a method conceived by the botanist Akira Miyawaki in 1970, our technique makes it possible to grow a native forest in record time, on humus-free or highly degraded soils, such as urban soils. The ingredients of its success? The selection of a large number of native species and the planting density that will allow stimulation and cooperation between these species.


The key principles of Reforest'Action urban forests


1 meter of growth per year


5 trees / m2


15 to 30 tree species


2 years. The forest is then autonomous

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Contact us, we'll take care of the rest!

You have a plot of land and you
would like to grow a forest there?

You can make your land available and finance or have financed the planting of a forest.

You wish to finance an urban forest?

You don't have land, but you want to finance the creation of an urban forest near you or anywhere else.