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Reforest'Action, the leader in reforestation from private funds in France, plants trees throughout France, thanks to an extensive network of partners, including numerous nurserymen, experts and forest managers. Our projects aim to perpetuate the multifunctionality of the French forest and contribute to its adaptation to climate change.


With a total of 16,4 million hectares, the French forest covers 30 % of the territory, making it the fourth forest area in Europe. The current growth in French plant cover can be explained partly by agricultural and industrial wastelands on which nature is reasserting its rights. In other words, these areas are not true forests offering the same biodiversity and environmental services. Simultaneously, France is registering a yearly drop of 80 million plantations compared with the 1990s, to which must be added the damage done by natural disasters (storms, fires...) and some tree diseases.

So it is useful to plant trees in France so as to keep the biodiversity of our forests in the long term and boost the economic growth of the Forest and Wood sector, which represents 450 000 jobs which can't be outsourced, as many as the car industry.


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Managed in a sustainable manner, our planting projects in France help forests adapt to climate change, restore deteriorated forests in the wake of fires, natural disasters and diseases, develop biodiversity, clean up soils and waterways, reinforce vegetation cover in sparsely-wooded areas, and support sustainable energy transition through wood collection and environment-friendly exploitation of the timber.

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Our action covers the whole of France owing to a vast network of technical partners, such as the Federation of France's Private Foresters, Fransylva, many nurserymen, experts and forest managers, but also many local associations such as Haie Magique or Planteurs Volontaires.