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Reforest'Action in collaboration with the ONF invites you to reforest this former agricultural plot of the Pilat Park in the commune of Saint-Etienne!
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  • Biodiversity {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.biodiversity | numberFormatting }} shelter(s) for animals created

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Project description

Associated with the ONF, the municipality of Saint-Etienne wishes to secure a water catchment by reforesting this former private plot. 

The project at a glance

  • Number of trees to be planted: 4950
  • Planting area: 3,3 ha
  • Species planted: Douglas fir, larch, maple, beech and sorbian
  • Type of project: reforestation of an old agricultural plot
  • Planting season: spring 2019


With its 766 hectares, the Grand Bois forest is the largest of the 5 forest massifs (1330 ha in all) belonging to the City of Saint-Etienne. This Forest, located in the heart of the Pilat Regional Natural Park, has an original history and must meet the challenges of the future. In 1860, the City of Saint-Etienne acquired 240 hectares of land in the Furan watershed in order to collect 800 springs and contribute to the City's drinking water supply. In 1886, the management of these lands was entrusted to the Water and Forests Department, which was responsible for afforestation of agricultural land and management of forest stands. The massif quickly became a real natural filter guaranteeing quality water: the forest of the Grand Bois was born. Thus, for 150 years, elected officials have been initiating and developing, with municipal services and the ONF, what is becoming an international model for the natural protection of water resources and sustainable multifunctional management.

The forest of the Grand Bois, benefits from the PEFC forest certification, it is well situated in a multifunctional management and sustainable development approach that takes into account the needs of environment and species preservation but also the exploitation of wood and the opening of the forest to the public.

In order to create a real dynamic ecosystem, the town hall of Saint Etienne, advised by the ONF, wishes to establish various species, adapted to the area and global warming. Moreover, resinous species will be associated with several leafy trees: maple, beech, alisier torminal and birders' rowan. This diversity will allow a better integration of biodiversity. 

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