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Reforest'Action Team Summer 2021


In 2010, Stéphane Hallaire travelled to Senegal and planted his first tree, a mango tree. This is the beginning of the Reforest'Action adventure. Ten years later, the Green Team is made up of 54 unique and plural talents, connected to nature and the living and driven by a desire to act together for a common cause.


Our organisation

The Green Team is structured into four main units, whose missions are as follows:

The mission of the Forest Unit

To select forestry projects in temperate and tropical zones, supporting and monitoring them over the long term, in conjunction with our project leaders in the field. To set up and to deploy innovation projects such as urban forests.

The mission of the Enterprise Unit

To seek funding for forests and develop relationships with companies contributing to our projects.

The mission of the Marketing & Communication Unit

To promote Reforest'Action's actions and projects, and to design a wide range of educational tools for the benefit of the forest.

The mission of the Institutional Relations Unit

To dialogue and collaborate with French, European and international institutions with the aim of strengthening the protection and restoration of forests on a large scale.


Executive Management

Stéphane Hallaire
Founder & CEO

Nicolas Blain
Chief Institutional Relation Officer

Ludivine Buvat
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

Pierre Gaches
Chief Operating Officer

Frédéric Daniel
Chief Business Development Officer

Sandrine Guidoni
Chief Financial Officer

Forest Unit

Thibaud Poulain
Head of Temperate Projects

Delphine Dekeister
Project Officer - Africa

Lisa Vanderheyden
Impact Officer

Arnaud Guidal
Head of Tropical Projects

Marie Abboud
Project Officer - France

Lola Gourdet
Project Assistant

Pierre Hermans
Head of Design and Engineering

Augustin Lespinet
Project Officer - France

Laurène Beneult
Project Assistant

Dimitri D'Helft
Project Manager - Europe

Laetitia Bernard
Project Officer – France

Martin Christiansen
Project Assistant

Caroline Bierinx
Project Officer - Asia

Carole Renner
Carbon Officer - France

Hugo Designe
Project Assistant - France

Annette Butty
Project Officer - Latin America

Clara Manuel
Urban Project Designer

Enterprise Unit

Stéphanie Bonet
Head of Climate & Biodiversity Solutions

Marie de la Croix
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Senior Advisor

Solène Duvanel
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Advisor

Isabelle Dupin
Scale Manager

Valentin Thomas
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Senior Advisor

Côme Marret
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Advisor

Fanny Epaud
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Senior Advisor

Victor Padoy
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Advisor

Lucile Laquitaine
Customer Care

Flora Calandre
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Senior Advisor

Anabelle Verdurme
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Advisor

Katie Mason
Customer Support

Virginie Coudre
Partnership Manager

Agathe Bouet
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Advisor

Aziza Abbassi
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Senior Advisor

Émilien Faure
Climate & Biodiversity Solutions Advisor

Marketing & Communication Unit

Aurélie Grange - Head of Communication

Aurélie Grange
Head of Communication

Ondine Poupon
Projects Communication Officer

Anne-Lise Avril
Brand Manager

Sarah Douida
Corporate Communication Manager

Hacene Chaouchi
Product Owner

Loïsa Makhabee
B2C Communication Officer

Katia Prassoloff
Customer Impact Manager

Clément Murat
Digital Marketing Officer

Emma Urbain
Partnership & Event Officer

Claire André
Projects Communication Officer

Hélène Bourelle
Projects Communication

Institutional Relations

Solène Gasnier
Institutional Event Manager

Administration and Finance Unit

Marie Magne
HR Manager

Benjamin Grimal
CRM & IT Manager

Angélique Legardinier
Management Officer

Julien Metayer
Finance Officer

Our international correspondents

Johann Franz Thaler

Sanjoy Roy

Ricardo Cesar

Jhina Vasquez Lopez

Michael Cooley
United States of America

Tapio Lepanen

Naveen Veerabhadraswamy

Join the Green Team!


Spontaneous application

Send us your application to recrutement[@]reforestaction.com. It will be studied carefully.
Unfortunately, we cannot reply individually to all the applications we receive.
If you do not receive a reply from us within 4 weeks,
there are no open positions matching your profile or your application has not been selected.
Thank you for your understanding.


Job offers

Key Account Manager (Pôle Entreprise)

Assistant.e Commercial.e (Pôle Entreprise) 

Consultant.e Solutions Climat et Biodiversité (Pôle Entreprise)

Junior Officer - Carbon (Pôle Forêt)

International Projects Manager (Pôle Forêt)

Assistant.e chargé.e de projets forestiers (Pôle Forêt)

Chargé.e de projets forestiers (Pôle Forêt)

Chargé.e de projets forestiers Europe (Pôle Forêt)

Responsable Marketing Grands Comptes (Pôle Marketing/Communication)

Responsable éditorial.e Environnement (Pôle Marketing/Communication)

Stage ou Alternance - Chargé.e de communication et engagement Entreprises (Pôle Marketing/Communication

Stage ou Alternance - Chargé.e de communication corporate (Pôle Marketing/Communication)

Stage ou Alternance - Chargé.e de communication éditoriale Projets forêts (Pôle Marketing/Communication)

Finance Officer Senior (Direction Administrative et Financière)

Talent / HR Officer (Direction Administrative et Financière)

Responsable Relations Médias (Pôle Relations Institutionnelles et Médias)

Chargé.e de contenu éditorial institutionnel (stage - Pôle Relations Institutionnelles et Médias)