Ecosystem & Partners

A collaborative approach to achieve environmental, economic and social resilience

Our Institutional, Scientific and Technological Ecosystem

By dialoguing and collaborating with influential French, European and international institutions, such as the UN, FNE or INRAE, we aim to strengthen forest protection and restoration on a large scale, for biodiversity and future generations’ benefit. Our goal is to promote a multifunctional vision of forests, which are not to be seen as just carbon sinks, but as ecosystems providing a multitude of essential services to all living things and humankind’s well-being.

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Our Corporate Ecosystem

Reforest'Action cooperates with ecological transition experts and stakeholders who promote, train and support the transformation of companies towards regenerative economic models, who are reconnecting with the living world.

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Our Ecosystem in the field

Our research, analysis and project management teams can count on a network of professional and qualified project leaders as well as many renowned local institutions and associations.

In tropical climates

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In temperate climates

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