Reforest’Action / Creation of forest gardens across Morocco
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Creation of forest gardens across Morocco


This season in Morocco, our fruit tree planting project was extended to many new villages throughout the country. The objective : to diversify the production of family agricultural plots while improving biodiversity.​

Fruit trees planting in rural areas​

In rural areas of Morocco, the challenges raised by the economic development go hand in hand with the implementation of collective and sustainable solutions in agriculture. Permaculture and the planting of fruit trees in agroforestry are virtuous practices that provide a real boost to the self-sufficiency, food security and income of local communities. Alongside the association Ibn Al Baytar and its president Zoubida Charrouf, Reforest'Action has been running several projects across Morocco since 2017. The goal ? To create real forest gardens in order to encourage the development of economic value chains through local cooperatives, thanks to the cultivation of organic fruit.​

During the 2019-2020 planting season, while our project has been growing in the villages associated with the project - such as Kceibya, Alnif or Beggara - many new villages throughout Morocco have also benefited from the program : Marchouch, Lalla Takarkouste, Rommani, Tizi N'oucheg, Agoujgal, Taza or Touama.

The planting of climate-adapted fruit species, such as olive trees, carob trees and date palms, will enable communities to harvest fruits for local consumption and for sale on local markets, while providing cover for the underlying food crops.

Raising awareness among local communities

In order to integrate and raise awareness among as many people as possible, this planting season was made up of participatory planting days, to which our partner Ibn Al Baytar invited women, children and men from the participating villages. These days were an opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of preserving the planted trees, both to enable the community to reap the harvests in a few years, and to maximise environmental benefits such as the creation of biodiversity shelters and the mitigation of the climate change effects. Part of the planting has also been done in the form of "vegetable gardens", combining the planting of fruit trees with the planting of aromatic and medicinal plants, exclusively for local consumption.

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