4 203 688Trees planted

Participate in the planting of fruit trees on permaculture plots on 3 Moroccan sites!  
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A tree = $3.00 tax inclusive


6 864 trees planted

Project benefits

  • Climate 3 974 256 km by car offsetted

  • Biodiversity 20 592 shelters for animals created

  • Health 27 456 months of oxygen generated

  • Employment 6 864 hour(s) of work created

They take part to the plantation

Number of Reforest'actors : 946

Project description

In partnership with the Ibn Albytar Association, help the local population to plant trees on permaculture plots!

The project in a blink

  • Number of trees to be planted: about 3000
  • Essences planted: almond trees, pomegranates, olive trees, fig trees, pears, walnuts, almonds, carob trees, pistachio trees...
  • Type of project: agroforestry 


In Tamarguet help the Amashnighrem Women's Agricultural Cooperative:

Created in 2012, the Amasnighrem Women's Agricultural Cooperative aims to support the improvement of the socio-economic situation of women in the rural municipality of Tamaguert. Thus, and thanks to the efforts of our partners, the Ibn Albytar association and the German Embassy in Morocco, the cooperative was able to set up its own premises to promote the production of traditional products. 

In the rural communes of Tafrant and Kissane, help several cooperatives:

The cooperatives of'ARIAFKISSANE, AL MARAI AL JABALYA, BENI OURIAGUEL and AL HAWTA have joined forces and provide expertise and advice to local populations on several agro-ecological farming techniques. Indeed, their ambition is to transmit agroecological and agroforestry practices while restoring ecosystems degraded by unsustainable agriculture, deforestation for fuelwood and increasingly concentrated driving rains. Several projects are therefore being carried out, reducing soil erosion by mulching, producing local and adapted seeds and planting fruit trees. 


Photos of the projects