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Focus on the mangrove!


Essential tree in the intertropical regions, both for men and the biodiversity it shelters, the mangrove tree is now threatened by human activities and global warming. Let's discover more about the mangrove, what it offers and why it should be protected.

The mangrove, a unique ecosystem

The mangrove is a well-known ecosystem across the globe because it spans across 75% of the coasts of tropical regions. The mangrove tree has special features that explain its concentration in this area. Capable of growing in extreme conditions (high temperatures, frequent storms) it is characteristic of tropical coasts. Its long pointy roots make it inaccessible for men and help the stabilization of soils and prevent coastal erosion.

Marine and terrestrial biodiversity depend on the mangrove

In the sea, mangrove constitutes the habitat of numerous marine species. It protects corals from sediments by retaining them with their roots. Mangrove is a true ecosystem that creates a balance between fauna, flora, and soil.

Services mangrove offer to humans

Thanks to its strong resilience, mangrove is like a shield to dangers coming from the see like tsunamis.

Local communities depend on the mangrove for diverse resources: fishing crabs, exploiting the wood for their house, their boat or for heating.

This unique ecosystem offers a great solution to limit climate change and absorbs between 3 to 5 times more CO2 than a tropical forest.

A threatened ecosystem

However, mangrove suffers from industrial exploitation and tourism that lead to its destruction. The same goes for overfishing and for shrimp farming with mangrove cutting to create farming basins.

Mangrove is also affected by the plastic pollution that intoxicates the trees because it stays stuck between its roots.

How to stop the decline of mangrove throughout the world?

They are solutions that are taking place such as the reduction of shrimp farming and organic farming, in particular in Madagascar. Reforestation and preservation of the mangrove are also crucial to preserve marine and forest biodiversity.

This is why Reforest'Action has decided to support reforestation with the help of ONGs and local communities in both Sumatra (Indonesia) and Guinea.

If you want to help us protect the mangrove, you can plant your mangrove tree in Sumatra and Guinea!