Reforest’Action / Haiti: news from your cocoa trees!
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Haiti: news from your cocoa trees!


More than 260,000 trees have been planted in southern Haiti thanks to your funding. Stéphane Hallaire went on site to visit the producers and young cocoa trees that are continuing to grow. Photo report!

In Anse d'Ainault, Haiti, the young trees planted by Reforest'Action have grown well. They are now at the heart of the project carried out in the field by our partner Kaleos to develop the organic cocoa sector.

On site, the fermentation process of the harvested cocoa beans is carried out by a local cooperative, the CAUD. It was created in 1984 by 11 producers with the aim of better organizing and selling their cocoa. The CAUD now has more than 1000 members and works hand in hand with the team of our partner Kaleos. The cooperative's production this year will amount to more than 100 tonnes, compared to 18 tonnes in 2012.

Kaleos buys wet fermented beans directly, which allows producers to avoid drying the beans, and therefore to obtain income more quickly. The drying of the beans is then carried out by Kaleos.

Stéphane Hallaire, President of Reforest'Action, met with the producers who benefit from the sale of the cocoa produced by the project. They were able to share with him their satisfaction with the progress of the project.