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We are acting everywhere in the world thanks to an important network of technical partners.



Our strategic network


As a public institution, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) participates in the implementation of public policies in the fields of environment, energy and sustainable development. It advises companies, communities, public authorities and the general public, to enable them to progress in their approach. In 2015, Reforest'Action received the ADEME's "SME Biodiversity Initiative" award.



Created in 2007, the College of Directors of Sustainable Development (C3D) is an association of the 1901 law type, bringing together more than 100 directors of sustainable development and CSR of companies and private and public organizations, representing 2.5 million employees in France, as well as 25 associate members of the C3D.



First representative of forest owners,  Fransylva has over 40,000  members across the whole of France. Reforest'Action's partner since 2015, Fransylva allows us to identify more easily and quickly which projects to fund  so as  to restore the plots affected by storms, fires or diseases.



The National Forestry Office is a French public institution responsible for the management of public forests, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry and the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. The NFO regularly accompanies us  on various plantation projects across France.



The National Institute for Agricultural Research is conducting finalized research in three highly connected areas: food, agriculture and the environment. It develops partnerships and innovation to meet society's challenges by 2025: among others, healthy and sustainable food, agricultural and forestry systems more resilient to climate challenges, and bioresources to complementary uses (energy, chemistry, materials). ...).



The National Federation of Wood is one of the leading French professional organizations of companies in the forest industry. Beyond a territorial network, FNB brings together a network of trade unions and associations dedicated to the French wood and its use. The rationale for the FNB lies in its role of institutional representative to the political, administrative, professional, economic and social authorities, including at European level.



France Nature Environnement is the French federation of associations for the protection of nature and the environment. It is the spokesperson of a movement of 3500 associations, grouped in 74 member organizations, present throughout France, in mainland France and overseas. France Nature Environment, wherever nature needs us.



Institute under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, AgroParisTech is the leading European school of engineers and managers in the field of living and the environment. It responds to the major challenges of the 21st century: feeding people by sustainably managing the territories, preserving natural resources and encouraging innovation.



The 102nd Congress of Mayors and Presidents of intercommunality of France was held from Monday 18 to Thursday 21 November 2019 on the theme "Mayors in the heart of the Republic." Partner of the event, Reforest'Action promoted, among several thousand local elected representatives, the urban forests as a key solution to the adaptation of cities to climate change.



Urban Forests is a company created in 2016 specializing in the creation of urban forests with the Miyawaki method. The company is a laureate of the Foundation for future generations and continues by the Belgian government.



Created in 2006, Cap Digital is the competitiveness cluster for digital transformation and ecological transition. It has more than 1,000 member structures including 850+ SMEs, 70 Large Enterprises / Middle-size companies / Public institutions, 70+ schools / universities / laboratories as well as 12 investment funds. Cap Digital strives to make the Île-de-France Region one of the world's digital, sustainable city and ecological transition, from both an industrial and strategic point of view.




They work with us









The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) is the highest authority on environmental matters within the United Nations system. With its expertise, it strengthens the environmental standards and practices while helping to compliance with environmental obligations at the national, regional and international level. Trees planted with Reforest'Action are referenced within the program "Plant for the Planet" initiated by the United Nations.




Kinomé mission is to make the tree a solution for human and economic development. Kinomé develops innovative, profitable and ethical restoration, protection and enhancement of forests. Kinomé is our partner for our field planting project in Senegal .



A Society of Senegalese law created in June 2008 in the Fatick region to fight against poverty, SOPREEF (Society for the Promotion of Access to Energy and Water in the department Foundiougne) is to coordinate the implementation of the Energy Water Foundiougne Solidarity program (EESF) in consultation with local communities. It accompanies us in our planting project in Senegal.




By working with cooperatives and producers Kaleos selects a cocoa and a premium coffee in the south of Haiti. Kaleos is our field partner in our plantation project in Haiti.




Sielba is our technical partner on the ground in Spain.




URKU Institute, based in Tarapoto in Peru, is our partner on the ground in Peru.




Office specialized in sustainable development Carbon Footprint Ltd assists companies in assessing their carbon footprint and offsetting it. Carbon Footprint Ltd allows us to identify planting projects in Haiti and Peru.




Arbor Day Foundation helps us to source projects in the United States.



The Forest service in the United States (US Forest Service) is an agency of the US Department of Agriculture, which manages the national forests of the country. It also acts in the research and development of forest ecosystems but also other natural resources. The US Forest Service is our partner in the field as part of our plantation project in California .



Yagasu is an Indonesian NGO with which we are planting mangrove in Sumatra. Adopting an integrated approach, the goal of program is to increase the environmental carrying capacity of mangrove forest ecosystems for natural disaster risk reductions, biodiversity conservation, local livelihoods improvement and climate change mitigation and adaptation.