Reforest’Action / Jocelyn Johnson : "Together, we could build a legacy, a forest"
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Jocelyn Johnson : "Together, we could build a legacy, a forest"


For her birthday, Jocelyn planted 500 trees on with the help of her friends. Discover our interview with this extraordinary Reforest'Actress!

Hi Jocelyn, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! I'm an adventurer from Colorado, who loves the outdoors and being immersed in nature. I find that being in nature always presents opportunities for me to be fully expressed, to grow and to learn. There, I can slow down, observe my thoughts, be in a moving meditation effortlessly and tap into my deeply adventurous spirit.

For your birthday, you had the idea of rising funds to plant trees: how did you get this idea, and why was it important for you to plant trees?

Honestly, my theme for this year (2019) is to reduce waste. So since the beginning of the year I got my family on a composting system, I've invested in re-useable dishware and silverware as well as a bamboo straw. And when I saw that a friend had donated a tree to kick off the new year, I decided that I would donate a tree to those in my life with special occasions -- birthdays, holidays etc etc. That way I'd not only REDUCE the waste of buying a gift that might not get used, but also I'd help undo some of the impact we're each having on the planet. That's when I decided that I'd actually do the fundraiser for my own birthday. I'll still donate for other special occasions but I figured that together, we could build a legacy, a forest, inspired by the day I came to Earth! :) As someone from Colorado, who loves the outdoors, I hike, camp, backpack and trees are such a vital part of those experiences -- shade, temperature control, hammock-hanging and climbing them!

You planted your trees in Peru; why did you choose this particular project?

I chose Peru because I read about the project and the location as well as the wildlife. I also believe the Amazon is a special place that deserves to be protected and re-forested.

What would you say to your loved ones to encourage them to participate in the reforestation as well?

Usually I ask friends and family to think of a memory they have with a tree and then imagine if it hadn't been there. I also love the stat your site provides about counter-acting our carbon footprint by planting 5000 trees. It's so powerful to think about our individual impact being that immense!