Reforest’Action / Madagascar: 5 additional tree nurseries to sustain the reforestation project
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Madagascar: 5 additional tree nurseries to sustain the reforestation project


Five supplementary tree nurseries have been built to produce more seedlings in the Ambatobe region in Madagascar. Discover all the news concerning this project!​

Creation of 5 new tree nurseries to develop the reforestation project

Five additional tree nurseries were built at Ambalaigny and at Analampenzabe, with the objective of producing notably clove and coffee plants.

Multiple tasks were performed these last few months in the nurseries: purchase of new material, preparation of the compost, installation of plant beds, putting seeds in bags, etc. Everything is ready to receive and pamper new seedlings. Through this process, more than 12 000 clove seedlings and more than 12 000 coffee seedlings joined the nurseries between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Since April, the 3 nurseries linked to the project and the local supervisor in Anatlaha work at full time to meet the objective of 50 000 seedlings in 2019, spread over a total of six nurseries.

More than 6 000 trees planted in agroforestry between February and May

The end of the rain season and the beginning of the dry season in Madagascar were also ideal for the plantation of thousands of seedlings. A total of 956 trees of diverse species (acacias, nanto, coffee trees, citrus trees, jatrophas), as well as 3 018 cloves, were planted between February and April. At the beginning of May 1 050 hintsi and 1 450 takamakas have taken root near Ambatobe. These plantations were done by the nurseryman team associated with the project, with the help of local communities, on private lands or municipal fields they exploit.

Numerous benefits created by the plantations

It provides firewood, construction wood for the community, protection of the soil and reforestation of damaged areas by cyclones, annuities for the landowners, development of agroforestry to fight against burn farming, raising communities' awareness concerning the importance of reforestation, etc. The expected benefits of the project are multiple, as some inhabitants of the Ambatobe region told us. « I hope that the project lasts because it provides me money monthly to pay for my children's school and the tuition fees for my daughter who is in high school », says Mr. Zakahely. Mr. Jean Charlin, that contributes to the project is also enthusiastic: « This project gives us courage and allows a lot of people to plant trees. I am very happy about this project because it allows people to replant trees that were broken by cyclones ».

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