Reforest’Action / Peru: meeting the tree planters of Reforest'Action!
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Peru: meeting the tree planters of Reforest'Action!


In early March, a new planting season opened in the San Martin region of Peru. Stéphane Hallaire, President of Reforest'Action, went to Tarapoto, on the edge of the Amazon forest, to visit our Urku Institute partners. Go with him to meet those who plant and pamper your trees on the ground!

Daniel is the founder of the Urku Institute. Today, the association dedicates itself to an orphanage for animals rescued from illegal trafficking, to the management of a nursery of 10,000 plants of various species, and to the logistics of the plantations realized thanks to Reforest'Action funds. Daniel and his team take care of supplying the plants to the farmers, who then plant them on their land or directly in the Amazon forest, using their ancestral knowledge of species association. Alongside the local cooperatives, Daniel also makes sure that the trees grow well.

Juan is a farmer from the commune of Kawana Sisa. He planted 6,000 trees on his land, as did about 100 families in the village. Eventually, some of these trees, such as capironas or pino chunchos, can be harvested for use as timber. As for the copaibas, they have medicinal virtues: their oil is known to help cell healing and rehydration of the epidermis.

Milton planted 15,000 trees on his land in San Juan de Miraflores. Among them, a large number of Maya walnuts, whose leaves and fruits are endowed with great nutritional virtues. The bolaïnas planted will be used to produce timber. The income from their sale will be very valuable to Milton and his family.

Debner studies at the Instituto Tecnológico de El Dorado, a public school for adults located in San Jose de Sisa, which trains farmers.

Within his school, the students planted 4,000 trees thanks to the commitment of their principal, Manuela. Their products now allow the school to function in self-sufficiency, failing to receive sufficient aid from the State.

Rosa works in the vast Veinte de Mayo nursery, which has the capacity to produce 250,000 plants per year. This year, 40,000 Maya walnut trees will be planted and pampered in this nursery. Rosa is a member of the Mushuk Runa cooperative. She volunteers to germinate the seeds and maintain the nursery. Reforest'Action funding is used to purchase seeds and nursery material and to transport the plants to the planting plots.

Orlando belongs to the Quechua community. He is the director of the local Mushuk Runa cooperative. It has already planted more than 10,000 trees, including Maya walnut, cedrelas, bolaïnas and chaïnas.

Alongside Orlando, Stéphane also planted caobas!

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