Reforest’Action / Reforest'Action : best of 2017!
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Reforest'Action : best of 2017!


A new website, a growing Green Team, new offices, new planting projects all over the world, an extra million trees planted in a year ... As this eventful year is already behind us, (re)discover our highlights!

1. United States: we are taking part to the Rim Fire Recovery Project

In March 2017, Reforest'Action planted 10 000 trees with the funding of our partner Tea Tree, as part of the Rim Fire Recovery Project signed in 2016 by U.S. Forest Service. The project aims at reconstructing the burnt forest of Stanislaus, California, one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States.

2. A new website... to make a positive footprint on the world

In early May 2017, our brand new website was launched after many months of work. Your online plantations are now even more simple and playful. You can plant trees in a few clicks or offer trees to your loved ones for any occasion. Planting and offering trees becomes more than an ecological gesture: it is a real way of life, that enhances the well-being of each one, in harmony with our Planet.

3. Morocco: a new permaculture tree planting project

At the end of May 2017, the first trees are planted on our new project in Morocco. These fruit trees, planted in permaculture, will allow the inhabitants of the village of Brachoua to develop their local economy through the cultivation of organic fruit, and ultimately to achieve self-sufficiency.

4. Senegal: our trees are growing and carrying the promise of beautiful harvests

In June 2017, the assessment drawn up by SOPREEF, our partner on the ground in Senegal, highlights the growing profits generated by the tree planting program with which we are associated. The inhabitants of the region of Sokone continue to secure their food and improve their income.

5. Indonesia: let's restore the mangrove

In August 2017, the first mangroves are planted on our new project in Indonesia alongside the Indonesian NGO Yagasu. The goal ? Restore the mangroves of the most deforested country in the world.

6. Haiti: our cocoa trees help producers revive their business

Despite the successive hurricanes in the Caribbean in September 2017, Haiti continues valiantly to rebuild itself one year after hurricane Matthew. Thanks to Kaleos, our partner in the field, thousands of cocoa and banana trees were distributed this year to the families of Anse d'Hainault and Dame Marie. A new species has also entered our nurseries: cedrela odorata.

7. Peru: hope for the Amazon

In the Peruvian Amazon, the trees planted by Reforest'Action and the Urku Institute, our partner on the ground, are helping to rebuild the Amazon rainforest and change the lives of local communities. They show their hope for their region and the benefits generated by the replanted trees.

8. France: launch of the Northern Forest Reconstruction Campaign

In November 2017, Reforest'Action and the Office National des Forêts launched a major reforestation campaign to restore the forests of northern France, affected by chalarose disease. This exceptional cycle of reconstruction will last 5 years, and 2 million trees will be replanted.