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Why offer a tree

  • A symbolic gift

    Symbols of love and life, trees are ideal gifts for a wedding, a birth.... or just to tell your nearest and dearest how much you love them!

  • An original gift

    Flowers, chocolates and ties are out of date ! By offering a tree with a nice personnalised gift card, you are sure to make a difference.

  • An eco-friendly gift

    Your tree will fight against climate change by storing CO2, purifying the air and protecting the lives of millions of animal species. Here's a great gift!

  • A sustainable gift

    Your tree will keep growing in the many years to come, and will even benefit future generations. By offering a tree, you are making a gift to the planet!



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How to offer a tree with Reforest'Action?

  • By email : the beneficiary will receive an email to plant her/his trees in the area of her/his choice on www.reforestaction.com.
  • By card : you receive a card by email with a little personnalised note, you can print it and deliver it in person to your lucky friend.
  • You will be notified on your profile when the trees have actually been planted.

Each recipient will have to create their personnal account in order to plant the tree(s).

The gifted trees can be planted up to 2 months after their emission. And reminder will also be sent by email 5 days prior to the expiration.