Mission, Vision and Ambition


Regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems at a large scale to tackle the planet’s environmental challenges

We are acting locally to deal with the global environmental issues that are global warming and the erosion of biodiversity, while making sure we have a positive social and economic impact on communities. To do this, we design and/or develop projects which deal with the regeneration of the Earth’s ecosystems and which create plural value. To conduct our mission as efficiently as possible, we rely on our field experience and the local communities, as well as on science and technology.


We believe in a world where businesses are sources of regeneration of living

We are convinced that the answer to the environmental issues lies in converting our models into a regenerative economy. We can no longer be content ourselves an economy that limits its carbon footprint. We must transition towards an economy which has a net positive impact on all living things and thus together address the major issues which are the decarbonization of our economy, the preservation of living things, and value sharing. By collaborating with nature instead of using it, businesses are undertaking a profound change in their approach which is transitioning from an extractive one to a regenerative one. To do this, they must profoundly re-design the relationship they have with living things by placing them at the center of each decision and action. We believe that this fundamental change is possible and we wish to contribute to it with regards to our activity.


We want to contribute to the transition of businesses towards regenerative models

We are convinced that to reconcile economy and ecology, and promote the transformation of business models, it is essential to create an alliance between the issues faced by businesses and those faced by living things. Our ambition is to help businesses place living things at the heart of their model by developing pragmatic and efficient solutions for them and with them to enable them to: • Act on their value chains • Create value while regenerating living things and be able to demonstrate both. All our attention is turned towards this ambition which focuses on the regeneration of ecosystems and global challenges which we face.


Our mission and our ambition guide our action which is based on 3 main development levers