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Join a collective action by planting your forest through a crowdplanting platform.

Who are we ?

B Corp certified, Reforest’Action is a social enterprise founded in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire, whose primary mission is to raise awareness and take action for forests.

  • Raise awareness of the power of forests and the need to protect them.
  • Act by preserving and restoring forests in France and around the world, because, after reducing its ecological footprint, the forest proves to be the best solution to meet the main global challenges that condition the future of humanity: climate change and the erosion of biodiversity.

Since its creation in 2010, Reforest'Action has :

  • Planted more than 5 million trees
  • Gathered more than 135,000 planters on reforestaction.com
  • Sensitized more than 20 million people to the challenges of the forest
  • Generated a positive impact on the living conditions of more than 100,000 people around the world. 

Our reforestation projects contribute to the development of the local economy, the restoration of the environment and the protection of biodiversity. We publish monthly news on the ground in our online Magazine and on our social networks.

A collective work thanks to a crowdplanting platform

To act widely, in a context that requires us to act urgently, we need everyone ! That is why we have created a unique crowdplanting model where everyone can take concrete action. Whether they are individuals or companies, our Reforest’Actors grow their forests online and we plant them on the field.

Our projects

Our projects aim to preserve and restore forests in France and abroad. We favour multi-species planting projects adapted to the local ecosystem. Meeting the commitments inscribed in our charter, they take different forms depending on the region : agroforestry, afforestation, assisted natural regeneration... These initiatives are funded by Reforest’Actors, individuals and companies, and are led locally by our partners on the field : foresters, social enterprises, associations, NGOs... Planted trees are monitored over time by forest experts and agronomy technicians to ensure their growth in the best possible conditions.

Our philosophy

It is not easy to do what’s best for an essential cause in a complex world where visions constantly clash and confront each other. On one hand, it’s an opportunity that requires us to question the situation on a regular basis. On the other hand, a difficulty that could quickly leave us paralyzed if we didn’t take a position…

Therefore, it’s important for us to share our approach with those who are interested in our work.

Here at Reforest’Action, we consider that no one, individual or company, is perfect. However we believe that it’s possible to aim for continuous improvement and that progress will be made along the way. Obviously, the climatic and environmental emergency demands that these improvements be progressively accelerated.

This is why we’ve chosen to adopt a clear position : to act with the world as it is and make progress, step by step, throughout experience, and always towards a truly sustainable world. Our will is to move forward in a collective dynamic, involving all those who wish to engage in this dynamic of collaborative construction.  To do this, we need the greatest number : individuals and organizations. Everyone has a role to play, provided they share a common approach.

To help us do this on a daily basis and in the most responsible way possible, we have three key documents :

  • A governance that explains who we are and what we aren’t.
  • Ethical criteria that allow us to situate the environmental approach and the objectives of those who wish to support us and to have a role of accompaniment and awareness raising on this step when necessary. 
  • A responsible communication charter that engages those who support us to communicate fairly and responsibly about their commitment to us.

The most important for Reforest'Action is this shared commitment on a path that leads us to a more responsible world. The climate emergency requires us to move quickly. We believe that our approach will allow us to move fast and far.


B Corp certification

In 2019, Reforest'Action obtains B Corp certification. This label recognizes that the activity of certified companies meets the highest standards of performance, transparency and social and environmental responsibility. With this certification, Reforest'Action joins the B Corp movement which brings together in France a hundred companies and more than 2500 worldwide. This recognition is a coherent complement to our mission and to the idea we have of what a virtuous company should be to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.