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Acting in the best possible way for an essential cause, in a complex world where visions constantly confront each other, is not an easy task. At Reforest'Action, we believe that no one, individual or organisation, is perfect. On the other hand, we believe that it is possible to strive for continuous improvement and that progress is made along the way. And of course, the climate and environmental emergency requires that these advances always go one step further.


Our positioning

Our positioning is clear: to act with the world as it is and to progress, step by step, in the course of our experiences, in favour of a truly more sustainable world. Our desire is to move forward in a collective dynamic, by associating those who wish to engage in this co-construction process.

To carry out our mission, we have set up a framework that allows us to act constructively and responsibly.


Our framework of action

    Our Ethics Charter

    Our Ethics Charter includes a set of common rules that we implement in our daily business practices and behaviours. These rules enable us to move forward together in the right direction to ensure our sustainable growth and optimally fulfil our mission of preserving, restoring and creating forest ecosystems worldwide.


    An ethics committee

    Our ethics committee is rich in the diversity of its members, specialists in forest, climate and carbon, biodiversity and CSR issues. Together, they accompany us over the long term in guiding our thinking, our positioning and our action on various subjects such as carbon, our collaborations with our partners and contributors or the messages we promote. They intervene within the committee in their own name and not on behalf of the organisation in which they work. There are four of them:

    • RENAUD BETTIN - Expert in Carbon Neutrality - sweep.net 
    • SYLVAIN BOUCHERAND - CEO of B&L évolution
    • HERVE LE BOULER - Forestry policy manager at France Nature Environnement
    • JULIE MARSAUD - Supervision of national parks at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition
    Ethics Committee

    B Corp. certification

    Reforest'Action is certified B Corp. This label recognises that the activities of certified companies integrate social, societal and environmental objectives into their business model and operations. The holistic and demanding vision of this label is based on five impact areas: Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers. This recognition is a coherent complement to our mission and our vision of what a virtuous company contributing to the creation of a sustainable society should be.

    Third party verification of projects: Ecocert Environnement

    In a desire to improve the quality of our forestry projects and to constantly improve our approach, we wanted to set up the verification of our forestry projects by a third party organisation. We chose Ecocert Environnement, an independent control body recognised for its expertise in the field of forestry in particular. Thus, since 2020, Ecocert Environnement has been certifying the reality of Reforest'Action's* forestry projects.

    *In particular, the following are verified: The name and location of the forestry project, the year of verification, the year of implementation, the species and the survival rate observed on the day of verification.
    This verification is based on a sampling field visit plan (x=0,5√n, with n=total number of plantations carried out during the season - x is rounded to the nearest whole number) and is not intended to calculate or certify the carbon stored.

    Making companies responsible in their communication

    At Reforest'Action, if our mission is to act for the forest through quality projects, it is also our responsibility to make companies aware of the importance of the coherence of their action and to encourage them to communicate well around it in the service of environmental issues. To help them do this, we provide them with tools such as a guide to good practice for responsible communication and a self-assessment grid for their communication.