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In a continuous improvement process, our technical committee works with us to develop our methodology for selecting and developing planting projects. Its various members have the role of validating the specifications of our projects and our evaluation and monitoring criteria, as well as reviewing our projects annually. Discover the members of our technical committee, from the different branches of the forest world !




PAUL-EMMANUEL HUET  Executive Director PEFC France

Paul-Emmanuel Huet is the Executive Director of PEFC France, a pioneer in forest certification in France, which today represents more than 8.1 million hectares of certified forests. PEFC France provides consumers with the guarantee that a product bearing the PEFC brand is part of a responsible approach to sustainable forest management. Thanks to his expertise in environmental communication and his knowledge of certification procedures, Paul-Emmanuel provides us with insight into the long-term management of our planting projects.






ALEXIS DUCOUSSO  Member of the FNE Forest Management Board and President of the IUCN Forest Group

Doctor in plant biology and population genetics, Alexis Ducousso is currently a research engineer at INRA on his favourite subject: the management and conservation of the genetic diversity of oaks and beech trees. He is also a forest manager, president of the forest group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and a member of the forest management board of France Nature Environnement (FNE). Alexis participates in validating our project monitoring criteria and specifications. It allows us to take a step back on the forestry projects we are carrying out, and sheds light on all our technical questions.






HERVE JACTEL  Director of Research at INRA

Doctor in forest entomology, Hervé Jactel is a research director at INRA, specialising in the study of biodiversity and forest ecosystems. He is currently developing a range of scientific knowledge and practical solutions for the management of insect pests and pathogens that threaten European forests. He is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation for Biodiversity Research. His work on the resilience of diversified forests inspired us to write our report "Our Future is called Forest".