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All over the world, forest projects funded by Reforest'Action aim to preserve, restore or recreate regenerative ecosystems in order to optimize their ecosystem services for generations.

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Benefit from financial, technical and administrative support with a privileged local contact, project managements and decision-making tools


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Funding for projects all over the world and on all types of land: agricultural, forest, urban, coastal.


Get funding for your project thanks to the vast network of investors and companies who trust us.

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Deograsia Ignas

Founder of Agriwezesha, Tanzania

"Working with Reforest'Action went smoothly. When the project was submitted, the process was very fast and we received the funds as agreed. We are grateful for our work alongside Reforest'Action, which allowed us to contribute to the restoration of Tanzanian forests, food security and improving 6,000 farmers’ financial situations.”

Julien Besse

Forest owner, in France’s Centre Val de Loire region

"I’m the owner of a forest plot in the Cher department and I wanted to restore it. I heard about Reforest'Action and their support. I contacted their team and they swiftly took my project on. Once the administrative procedures were completed, everything went very quickly. The funding arrived in a few weeks and we were able to start work. We chose various species to create a resilient and sustainable forest. Today, the seedlings are doing very well.”

Eling Tuhono

Director of Yakopi, Indonesia

"After submitting our project, Reforest'Action reviewed our application and retained our proposal. We have been working together since 2021. Thanks to our collaboration, Yakopi has already contributed to the regeneration of Sumatra's mangroves on 131 hectares.”

Antoine Gérigné

President and founder of Impulso Verde, Colombia

"A very fluid and open collaborative working experience, as soon as we presented our project. A truly co-constructive-minded partnership agreement written and adapted to the specificities of our reforestation initiative. A team that is always considerate, attentive and solution-oriented. A long-term commitment that has tripled the number of community nurseries (200 families), doubled production capacity (400,000 trees per year) and raised awareness among more than 1,000 children.”