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In Belgium, Reforest'Action restores forests damaged by illness and performs peri-urban plantations thanks to the Miyawaki method to expand forest covers.


With only 20% of its territory covered by forests, Belgium is not a very wooded country. Like the French forests, the Belgium forest fulfills social, economic, environmental and landscape features. Shared between deciduous trees (47% of its surface) and resinous trees (41% of its surface), it is mainly composed of spruces, oaks de chênes and precious deciduous trees such as ashes, lindens or cherrywood. The public sector and the private sector share almost equally wooded areas.


Grow the forest cover

In Péruwelz, more than 15 different tree species were planted on an abandoned wasteland thanks to the plantation method of professor Miyawaki, applied here by our partner Urban Forests; 1000 trees have taken root near the city and will offer a true green lung. 

In Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse and in Saint-Trond, we contribute to the expansion of the forest cover and to the biodiversity's development by planting deciduous trees.

Restoring forests damaged by illness

In Tinlot, we are working towards the restoration of an ash tree forest damaged by the ash dieback.