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Reforest'Action is partnering with RENASCEDD to plant fruit trees in Guinea near Boffa and to restore coastal mangroves.



Launch date: 2019

Main species planted: acacia, mango, avocado, cashew, mangrove

Objectives: preservation of biodiversity, fight against climate change, protection of coasts and fight against sea level rise, economic development of populations

Activities: fruit tree planting, mangrove restoration and protection, environmental awareness and education programmes

Partners and associated actors: RENASCEDD





Guinea Conakry is experiencing increasing degradation of its environment and forests, which poses a threat to present and future generations. Traditional agriculture, artisanal salt mining, fish smoking, mining and population explosion are the main causes of deforestation in rural areas.

It is in this sensitive environmental context that Reforest'Action is partnering with a Guinean NGO, RENASCEDD (Réseau National de la Société pour l'Environnement et le Développement Durable), to plant trees in the prefecture of Boffa, by the sea, about 100 kilometres north of the capital.


Carried out in the field by RENASCEDD, a Guinean NGO created in 2016, our reforestation project combines a wide variety of species selected according to the pedoclimatic conditions of the area and the needs of the populations. For this reason, fruit trees (mango trees, avocado trees, papaya trees) are mixed with species such as acacia or neem, which are used as lumber or firewood. These fast-growing species make it possible to provide communities with a sustainably managed resource to avoid cutting within existing forests. In four localities - Bandégnindé, Tokhèlè, Siboty and Yèrèyady - near Boffa, the objective is to set up real forest gardens that are both useful to man and the environment. At the same time, a mangrove restoration activity is being undertaken. Mangroves are planted by the sea to restore coastlines and combat rising water levels.

In parallel with the planting activity, which takes place from June to August, RENASCEDD manages the maintenance and follow-up of the trees planted from September to May. The NGO also offers training in sustainable agriculture to the beneficiaries of the reforestation project, so that local communities can achieve autonomous development that respects their environment.


This tree planting project makes it possible to restore a degraded ecosystem, strengthen the reception of biodiversity, and make the population more stable thanks to the diversity of species. The trees planted help to fight global warming. Thanks to the creation of forest gardens, the communities' incomes are diversified. Local populations are also made aware of the need to protect their environment.

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