3 157 940Trees planted

In Morocco, Reforest'Action is planting trees to promote economic development of local villagers thanks to permaculture and biological fruits growing.


Launch date : 2017

Principales essences plantées : fig trees, vines, quince trees, pomegranate trees, apple trees, lemon trees, olive trees, apricot trees, orange trees, pear trees, walnuts

Objectifs : economic development of populations thanks to biological fruits growing ; ecotourism development in the region

Plantation type : agroforestry, permaculture

Activities : plantations, valorisation of wood and non-wood products, raising awareness as to the environment

Partners : Ibn Al Baytar





The villages of Brachoua, Talhouet et Aït Ourir are still located in isolated areas. In order to allow their economic developement, their inhabitants decided to learn the technics of permaculture and to find sustainable and collective solutions regarding agriculture. Based on this knowledge, villagers now need to plant new fruits trees, which are essential to their food and to their revenus. In this context, Reforest’Action helps villages to reach self-sufficiency. 




With our partner Ibn Al Baytar, we are leading 3 plantation projects through Morocco with the following goals before the end of 2018:

  • Planting of 3000 trees in Brachoua
  • Planting of 2000 trees in Talhouet
  • Planting of 1000 trees in Aït Ourir




The expected benefits are the following :

  • A sustainable agricultural production, respectful of the fauna, the flora and the local populations
  • Savings in energy for villages
  • Development of the local economy thanks to the growing of biological fruits
  • Development of ecotourism in the region
  • Raising awareness of the inhabitants on sustainable development