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Do you want to do something for the environment and the climate on a daily basis and in a simple way? Subscribe to the forest and plant 5 trees per month on a reforestation project!

*Low averages, relative to temperate forests. These averages are intended to give orders of magnitude.


  • SUBSCRIBE TO THE FOREST. No long-term commitment: you can cancel your subscription whenever you want, by a simple click in your personal space.
  • REFOREST'ACTION PLANT FOR YOU 5 trees per month on a reforestation project selected for its environmental and socio-economic benefits.
  • EACH MONTH, A PLANTING CERTIFICATE mentioning the name of the project is sent to you by e-mail. You can consult at any time the total number of trees you have planted in your personal space


Do your part by planting 5 trees every month

Have a global impact on climate and biodiversity, and a local impact on people's socio-economic development.


Planting 5 trees per month enables a citizen to store 750 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to his average emissions after reducing his footprint through daily eco-gestures.

Thanks to this subscription, you are making a concrete contribution to the collective effort in favour of the climate and biodiversity!