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The purpose of these terms of use (hereafter ‘ToU’) is to set out the rules for using the Website www.reforestaction.com.


The purpose of these terms of use (hereafter ‘ToU’) is to set out the rules for using the Website www.reforestaction.com.

Use of the Website implies acceptance of these ToU. Where applicable, the ToU supplement the General Terms and Conditions of Sale concerning the use of the Website, available thereon.

The Terms of Use may subsequently be changed by Reforest’Action. They are binding on Users of the Site as soon as they are uploaded, and cannot be applied beforehand.  

The Terms of Use are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the Courts of Nanterre shall have sole jurisdiction.


Anyone can access the Website as long as they have an Internet connection. 

As such, they benefit from access to some free information (articles, newsletter).

However, some features can only be accessed after placing an Order with Reforest’Action.

The User declares that they are aware of the risks associated with the Internet, including the risks of misuse and hacking.

The User pays the fees that may be charged by the mobile operator in relation to access to the connection services necessary to use the Website.


Reforest’Action makes every effort to ensure the availability of the Website on a permanent basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

However, access to the Website may be interrupted, including in the context of maintenance operations, updates, emergency repairs, or in the case of circumstances beyond the control of Reforest’Action.


It is the responsibility of the Website User to ensure the compatibility of their equipment and tools with the Website.

User names and passwords used and/or provided to the User are personal, confidential and non-transferable. 

The User is solely responsible for the use of these identifiers. 


4.1 All elements of the Site, including graphics, visuals and sound, as well as the underlying technology, are protected by intellectual and industrial property law, including copyright, trademarks and patents. 

They are the exclusive property of Reforest’Action or its licensors.

Any total or partial copying of this content is strictly prohibited and is likely to constitute an infringement of copyright.

4.2 Users who have a personal website may, for personal use, place a link on their site leading directly to the home page of the Reforest’Action Site, subject to the prior agreement of Reforest’Action.

The creation of this link cannot, under any circumstances, be considered as an implicit affiliation agreement with Reforest’Action.

Any other type of hypertext link to the Site www.reforestaction.com, including using the technique of ‘framing’ or ‘inline linking’, is formally prohibited by Reforest’Action.

In any case, all links must be removed on the simple request of Reforest’Action.

4.3 In the event of failure to comply with the above obligations, the User shall be solely liable to Reforest’Action. The User undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Reforest’Action against all consequences, including financial, of such failures.

4.4 Furthermore, to ensure fair and responsible communication, any mention of the Reforest’Action trademark and/or use of the logo is subject to agreement and approval by Reforest’Action.

Any use of content (including photographs and video) from Reforest’Action is subject to giving credit © Reforest’Action.

The Customer remains fully responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the context of its activities and the use of Reforest’Action’s services, including its social, fiscal and accounting obligations. 

As such, User profile pages can be personalised with a photo and short text. 

Reforest’Action disclaims all liability of any kind relating to Images, files containing them and/or data transmitted; rights, of any kind, attached to the Customer’s Images, files and/or data; and, without limitation, the printing, copying, use or downloading of the Customer’s Images, files and/or data, by any process and on any medium. 

Similarly, Reforest’Action is not responsible for the compliance of the Customer’s Images, files, and/or any data with the applicable legislation including, but not limited to, the legal provisions relating to sponsorship.

In general, Reforest’Action cannot be held liable for the content of pages personalised by Customers.

4.5 The Customer guarantees that its files, data and Images do not infringe any intellectual and/or industrial property rights or related rights, or harm the image, privacy or any other right of a third party.

Images, any files and/or data must in no way violate any legislation or regulations in force.

Images, any files and/or data must not under any circumstances copy any image of a public figure to be used for commercial, cultural, political or religious purposes.

Reforest’Action cannot be held responsible for variations to the colour or finish of Images, given that the quality of the image copied depends on the quality of the Images downloaded by the Customer. 


Reforest'Action's personal data protection policy is available here.


Your contribution as a Reforest'acteur is anonymous by default. You can make it public by authorizing, in your personal space, the publication of your first and last names as entered, as well as the photograph you have uploaded.

You can upload a photograph or your company logo to your personal space. The addition of such a photograph is optional and subject to your agreement. By consenting to this publication, you explicitly accept that your first and last names, as well as the photograph you uploaded, may be used, in whole or in part, by Reforestaction, for the sole purpose of publication in Reforest'action's media, namely the "Live des Reforest'acteur". You also acknowledge that you are fully aware of your rights and that you are not entitled to any remuneration for your image rights.  

You may withdraw your consent at any time within your personalized space.