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About Reforest'Action

Why are you a firm rather than an association?

Our mission is to finance reforestation projects, in France and throughout the world, mostly through business financing. We wanted to speak a common language with these firms and offer them services adapted to their needs and that allow them to bring their reforestation projects to life with their clients and collaborators. It is because only a firm can develop such services that we have chosen to be a social purpose enterprise rather than an association.

How does “crowdplanting” or participatory plantation work?

We are the founders of a unique participatory plantation system: by planting trees online, Reforest’Actors grow their digital forests and we plant them on the field. Together, we have a positive footprint on the word. Find more information on how our method here.

About our plantation projects

What are the benefits of trees on the climate, biodiversity, health and jobs?

The trees we plant in France and throughout the world provide numerous benefits, particularly on the climate, biodiversity, health, and jobs. You will find below the detail of these benefits calculated based on data collected from experts. These data are averages that are susceptible to change according to the plantation project.

  • CLIMATE 1 tree = 150 kg of CO2 stored

A tree stores about 150 kg of CO2 over 30 years. To obtain this figure, we used the calculation method defined in the book "Forêt et Carbone" published in 2015, taking as a reference an example of a plantation project in a French forest following the most widespread sustainable management method. The result obtained gives a quantity of stored CO2 per hectare. For the sake of popularization, we have reduced this figure to the tree by taking the average density of plantation of our projects. In addition, trees planted in tropical areas grow faster and store more than 150 kg of CO2. However, we keep this figure so as not to overestimate our impact on the climate.

  • BIODIVERSITY 1 tree = 3 animal shelters

A study of IRSTEA published in the review Biological Conservation established correlations between species of tree and the number of microhabitats they shelter in its bark, branches or cavities. A deciduous tree provides three animal shelters on average and a resinous tree provides on average 2.5 shelters for animals

  • HEALTH 1 tree = 4 months of oxygen

According to Thomas Similowski, an expert pulmonologist from the APHP, an adult individual consumes roughly 700 g of O2 per day. According to our forest experts, a tree produces roughly between 20 to 150 kg of O2 per year. In order to cover for the needs of a person in oxygen for one year, 3 trees on average are thus necessary. We thus obtain the equivalence of one tree planted for 4 months of oxygen.

  • JOBS 1 tree = 1 working hour

According to our partner Fransylva, the plantation and the tree maintenance until it completely grows averages one hour’s work in total.

Who owns the fields on which plant trees?

Abroad, trees are planted on villages’ or school’s communities’ fields. Villagers are the owners and the upgraded products (wood, fruits, oils, et cetera) that provide them with complementary revenues. In France, trees are planted in private forests mostly but also on public parcels managed by the ONF (French National Forests Office). The owners are thus diverse: individuals, states and municipalities.

Planting trees on a private field in France, is it enriching the owner?

75% of French forests are owned. They belong to 3.5 million owners that possess on average 1 hectare (= 2.5 acres). Reforest’Action helps these small landowners to reforest their parcel after a natural hazard (wildfire, storm, et cetera). The scientific research estimates that 1 hectare of forest provides roughly 117 € per year to its owner through wood sale. This same hectare also provides around 970 € of yearly ecosystemic services (CO2 storage, water regulation, groundwaters preservation, biodiversity) to the collectivity. In other words, planting trees yields 9 times more to the global society than to the landowner, whether he (or she) is private or public.

Why is it necessary to plant trees in France?

There is no deforestation in France. However, French forests face numerous challenges (storms, wildfires, illness, water stress, etc.) that alter them. Moreover, since 2000, there is a drop of 50% in tree plantation compared to 1990. Beyond, offering an answer to these challenges, tree plantations in France, complementary to natural regeneration, sustain the multifunctionality of forests so that they remain:

  • Alleys for our fight against climate change and for the development of biodiversity;
  • Socio-recreational privileged areas for millions of visitors each year;
  • Springboards for sustainable energy transition through the responsible collection and valorization of wood.


How are the trees monitored?

Abroad, before planting, the choice of species, the analysis of soils and the preparation of fields are done and overlooked by our partners’ teams on the ground (NGOs and social firms) composed of agronomists and local villagers. In France, this work is performed by forest experts supported by technicians. Once the trees are planted, these same actors control each year their well-being. In the case of wilting during their first year, trees are replaced by new ones. To learn more about this, discover our plantation methodology

About my forest planted online

I received trees as a gift. How do I plant them?
  • Situation 1: I received my gift via e-mail, I click on “I plant my trees”
  • Situation 2: I received my gift via a gift card, I use my code on the Reforest’Action website

In both situations, I chose where to plant my tree(s). 

I create an account or I connect myself.

I get a plantation certificate that I can download and I can share my plantation on social networks.

I receive a confirmation e-mail.

I can go on my dashboard to see all my plantations and I can get news about plantation projects in the Mag.

Are forests planted on your website really planted on the ground?

Yes! Whether you are a firm or an individual, each tree that you plant on our website are really planted on the ground. As soon as trees are financed online, they are automatically registered on our counters. They are planted during the next months in the country and at the precise location you chose.

How much does a tree cost?

Reforest’Action offers you trees at a unique price: 3 € only!

This price is independent of the place, the type of tree, the period of plantation and the social and environmental benefits created. To choose the plantation location, just follow your emotions…

With 3 € you finance:

  • The plantation of one tree
  • The monitoring of this plantation for 5 years (follow our news on our Mag)
  • Our research studies on forests and their socio-environmental and economic benefits (discover them on the Mag as well)
  • Our management fees (maximum 5% of the total price)

With Reforest’Action, you do much more than planting trees: you plant sustainable forests useful for humanity and the environment.

Is the financing of my forest eligible to tax deduction?

Reforest’Action is not an association, thus the money spent on the plantation of trees cannot be deducted from taxes.

Why do I need to subscribe to plant and offer trees?

The creation of your Reforest’Actor account will allow you to keep track, thanks to your dashboard, of the trees you planted and offered. If you planted trees, you can find them on your personal map. You can also find all your plantation certificates within your personal space. To access it, click on the avatar located on the top right corner, next to the tree counter!

How can I get news from my forest?

You can get information about your trees plantation thanks to the Mag, our news blog. Articles are posted with pictures each time new trees are planted on the ground. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be regularly informed.

Is it possible to name my planted tree?

It is not possible to name a tree you planted, because we create complete ecosystems that lead to the plantation to a vast number of trees and does not allow us to personify each tree.

Can I participate to a plantation on the ground?

Reforest’Action offers a unique reforestation model because it is participatory. Each one of you can plant trees on our website, and offer them to friends or colleagues and thus act in a positive and concrete way for forests. Plantation operations on the ground are performed by professionals, or, rarely by collaborators of firms among our partners.

Why is it necessary to plant a forest of 5 000 trees to compensate, after reducing them, the average emissions of CO2 of a French person’s life?

French people CO2 emissions are responsible for climate change. The priority is to reduce them at a maximum continuously and compensate the emissions that can still be. After reduction, CO2 emissions of an average French life can be compensated through the plantation of a forest of roughly 5 000 trees. 

In order to establish this figure, we used the following formula: Average annual CO2 emissions by French individual X Life expectancy

1. Annual emissions of an average French individual:

The annual CO2 emissions of an average French individual are 12 tons (source French Ministery). The repartition of these 12 tons is detailed here. Through simple daily eco-gestures, we can reduce our CO2 emissions by roughly 3 tons, we thus get to roughly 9 tons:

  • Eco-driving: 25% of fuel saving (source), equivalent to 400 kg of CO2
  • Energy saving: by lowering the heat by one degree Celsius, 7% saving, equivalent to 112 kg of CO2
  • Food: by reducing by half meat, fish and dairy products consumption, a French individual saves 750 kg of CO2
  • Consumption goods: by reducing purchases by 50%, a French individual saves 1300 kg of CO2
  • By dividing by 3 plane travels, French people save 320 kg of CO2

Of course, it is possible to further reduce our CO2 emissions (keep electrical devices the longest possible for instance). This calculation shows however, that sadly, even by making daily efforts, we still emit way too much CO2. Without being a miracle solution, carbon compensation becomes a relevant tool.

2. Life expectancy in France in 2018 (source):

- Man = 79.5 years

- Woman = 85.4 years

Average M-W = 82.5 years

3. Average CO2 average of a tree:

Every tree does not have the same efficiency in terms of CO2 storage. It depends on the type of tree, of the location of the plantation and the forest management applied. However, we estimate that one tree stores roughly 150 kg of CO2 during its growing phase (see description of the FAQ dedicated to this question). To tore 1 ton of CO2, 6.66 trees are required. In order to compensate the potential non-sustainability of the CO2 stored in trees, Reforest’Action chose to couple labeled carbon credits Verra or Gold Standard (see below)

4. The average CO2 emission of a French’s life:

9 x 82.5 = 742.5 tons of CO2

5. Number of trees to plant to compensate the average CO2 emissions of a French’s life:

742.5 x 6.66 = 4900

The number of trees to plant to compensate CO2 emissions of average French individual, after reductions, is thus roughly 5 000 trees. Please note that this figure is an order of magnitude. Reforest’Action puts at your disposal an online a CO2 calculator allowing every person to refine this number according to his/her way of life.

6. The efficiency of carbon compensation:

Every planted tree on www.reforestaction.com integrates into its price part (150kg) of one CO2 ton linked to a labeled carbon credit (Gold Standard or Verra) coming from forest conservation projects in the intertropical zone. In other words, 7 planted trees for instance in France also finance the storing of one ton of CO2 in tropical forests and favors the conservation of the local ecosystem. To this certified CO2 tone, adds up the storage of carbon through the planted trees in France (not taken into account in the carbon compensation). In other words, the plantation of trees through our website compensates, on one hand officially a given volume of CO2 emitted and also stores additional carbon. It thus has a double positive carbon effect, in addition to the co-benefits generated by planted trees (oxygen production, water filtration, soil retention, etc.)

Besides its benefit for reforestation, does the tree I plant as an individual contribute also to existing forests’ preservation?

Trees planted by individuals on our website contribute both to the protection of existing forest and reforestation. Indeed, each tree planted by an individual on www.reforestaction.com on any reforestation project suggested:

  • Contributes to the restoration or extension of the chosen forest and generates local socio-environmental benefits (on water, jobs, etc.)
  • Integrates into its costs a part of a carbon credit (150 kg of CO2) certified Gold Standard or VCS from a forest conservation project chosen by the individual.


Is my purchase on your website secured?

The credit card payment is a simple and secure way to buy on-line. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD AND AMERICAN EXPRESS. We guarantee you a maximal security thanks to our solution Stripe in compliance with rules PCI-DSS. No confidential data is transferred to Reforest'Action.

About my subscription

How to plant trees each month automatically?

Go on the page “I plant my forest”. At the step, “Number of trees”, chose your frequency of plantation: “each month” or “just once”. If you chose to plant trees each month, you will subscribe to Reforest’Action, without engagement over time, until you decide to terminate your subscription with a simple click in your dashboard.

What is the benefit of subscribing?

Thanks to the Reforest’Action subscription, you do not have to worry about planting trees every time: we do it automatically for you on the project you chose. You will receive each month un your e-mail inbox, your plantation certificate valid for the number of trees you planted. Did you know? The plantation of 5 trees per month allows you to compensate all of your CO2 emissions linked to your daily transportation, your housing, and your food.

What happens if the project I chose is completed?

If the total number of trees to plant on your project is reached, this project is then closed on our website. If you chose this project to plant trees each month, your trees will then be planted on a new project selected by Reforest’Action. You can at any time modify this project by selecting another one through the section “My subscription” in your dashboard.

Where can I find my bills linked to my subscription?

Each month, a new bill will be available in the section “My purchases” of your dashboard.

About my gifted trees

How can I offer trees to my loved ones?

On the home page, I select “I offer a tree”.

I choose the type of gift: a PDF gift card or an e-mail.

I write the message and the reason for the gift and I can choose the date on which to send it.

I select the number of trees.

I register or I connect myself.

I use the 100% secured payment system.

My purchase is validated and I can see the received gift

I receive an e-mail with the bill.

The recipient has 2 months to plant his/her tree.

Once this time period over, if the tree was not planted, it will be planted automatically by Reforest’Action.

You receive a notification when the recipient has planted his tree.

By offering trees, can I choose the project where they will be planted by the beneficiary?

You offer trees and the beneficiary chooses the plantation location. In practice, the lucky beneficiary will select the place where he/she wants to plant trees at the time to use his/her plantation code (received by e-mail or on the gift card) on www.reforestaction.com.

What happens if my plantation code is expired?

In order to allow, the good functioning of our participatory plantation system, we attributed an expiration date to each plantation code. It allows guaranteeing that each offered tree will effectively be planted during the next plantation season. If you could not plant your trees before the expiration date of your plantation code, your trees will nevertheless be planted automatically be planted online and on the ground on a project we chose. Your gift will thus never be lost for Planet Earth!

What happens if my loved ones do not plant the trees I offered them online?

Every gifted tree by an individual or a firm to his/her network is planted on the ground. In other words, whatever the number of individuals that plant effectively their gifted trees on  www.reforestaction.com, 100% of trees will be planted in the country chosen by the company in the case of a partnership operation, or in a country chosen by Reforest’Action in the case of trees offered by individuals to their loved ones.

I gifted trees to several people by generating multiple gift cards. Why is the code identical on all my gift cards?

It is normal that the code is identical for each beneficiary. Each one will nevertheless be able to use it individually and choose his/her own plantation project. Indeed, each beneficiary will have to create a personal account beforehand on www.reforestaction.com. The code is valid for the selected number of trees and for the selected number of users that created their personal account.

I gifted trees but the beneficiary did not receive the e-mail. What shall I do?

I the beneficiary of your gift did not receive his/her e-mail for gifted trees, it might have gotten in its spam folder. If he/she has a GMAIL address his/her e-mail for gifted trees is highly likely to be in his/her e-mail “Promotion” folder. Remember to have a look!

About the carbon calculator

How do I compensate my carbon emissions?

On Reforest’Action’s home page, I select “I calculate my footprint”.

I fill in “Transportation” with my daily travels.

Then I fill in “Housing” and I can also fill in “Consumption”.

I get my footprint and the corresponding number of trees to plant.

I select the project where I want to plant my trees.

I register myself or I create an account.

I use the 100% secured payment.

I get my plantation certificate that I can download.

I can share it on social networks.

I receive my confirmation e-mail.

I can see all my plantations on my dashboard.

Why should I compensate my carbon emissions?

Daily, each of your actions has an impact on the environment: your transportation, your food, your electricity consumption, etc. These diverse activities emit CO2, of which the rapid increase in the atmosphere contributes to the current climate change. It is crucial to consider our action on climate and the environment and to reduce our ecological footprint linked to our CO2 emissions.

Is my carbon compensation with Reforest’Action calculation certified?

Each tree planted by Reforest’Action is linked to labeled carbon credits. By compensating their emissions with the Reforest’Action CO2 calculator, citizens act both at the reforestation project level, and at the level of an international climate solidarity project.

How do you compute the carbon quantity stored by trees?

A tree stores roughly 150 kg of CO2 on a period of 30 years. To obtain this figure, we used the calculation method provided by the book “Forest and Carbon” published in 2015, by taking the example of a plantation project in a French forest following the most famous forest sustainable management method. The obtained result gives us the quantity of CO2 stored by a hectare. In order to simplify, we have brought back this figure to a tree by using the average density of our plantation projects. Furthermore, the planted trees in tropical zones grow faster so they store more than 150 kg of CO2. However, we keep this figure not to overestimate our impact on the climate. Moreover, to provide you with all the necessary guarantees, we also decided to link each tree to the purchase of 150 kg of labeled carbon credits by the best international standards. Thus, you are sure to do good by planting trees with Reforest’Action.

How does Reforest’Action’s CO2 calculator allow me to have a positive footprint on the environment?

A tree generates a series of local social and environmental co-benefits. Carbon storage, oxygen production, biodiversity development, local jobs development… All these benefits produced by trees allow the one that plants it to have a positive footprint on the environment beyond the compensation of his/her CO2 emissions. These benefits are detailed on the plantation certificate you received through e-mail once the transaction is finished. Reforest’Action also suggests you to reduce your CO2 emissions: find our suggestion to have a positive footprint in the Mag’!

From which data are my emissions calculated?

The Reforest’Action CO2 calculator uses the data provided by ADEME. It is a diagnostic targeted on your major daily emission sources: your transportation, your housing, and your consumption.

What does my “computer equipment budget” means?

This designates your annual spending on everything related to hardware: computers, phones, televisions, cameras, etc.

What does my “furniture budget” means?

This designates your spending on furniture for your housing.

About my personal data (GDPR)

How is the data I shared with Reforest’Action used?

Since the 25th of May 2018, the new European ruling on the protection of personal data (GPDR) entered into force. It completes the law Informatic and Freedom of the 6th of January 1978. The objective: allowing you to control better the use that is done of your personal data For Reforest’Action, it is an opportunity to guarantee the safety and protection of your private life et the right use of your personal data. That’s why we commit to respect the confidentiality of the personal information we collect.

  • We only ask for the necessary data to send you the tracking of your purchase (plantation certificate, gift card) and your planted trees’ reference on our website through your personal profile. If you want, you can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the news concerning Reforest’Action et our call-to-action emails.
  • You have the control over your data: you can access it at any time and rectify it through your dashboard by connecting to your personal account on www.reforestaction.com; through this space, you can also choose to subscribe to our newsletters or to unsubscribe, and to duplicate your profile in order to make your plantations anonymous. You can also contact us through our online contact form to use your opposition and retraction right.
  • Your data is not exchanged or sold. This data is kept for 3 years (for marketing purposes), 10 years (for billing data). It is only used by our firm. It is never exchanged or sold.
  • Your data’s safety is our priority: the personal information that we collect is kept in a secure environment: our servers, protected by passwords, on MailChimp, management tool for sending e-mails or on Stripe, online payment tool. It is external applications that respect GDPR, they have to respect the same rules on confidentiality by using all available resources. However, because no mechanism offers maximum safety, there is still some risk when using the Internet to share personal data. This is why in case of an issue, we have to inform you, as well as the CNIL before 72 hours passed.