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About Reforest'Action

Why are you a social enterprise and not an association?

Our mission is to finance reforestation projects around the world, mainly thanks to business funds. We wanted to speak a common language with them and offer them services tailored to their needs that allow them to support their reforestation project with their employees and customers. It is because only a company can develop that range of services that we have chosen to be a social rather than a business combination.


About the trees planted online

Are the trees planted on your site really planted on the ground ?

Yes ! Whether you are a company or an individual, each tree you plant on our site is actually planted in the field. Once the trees are  funded online, they are automatically stored in our counters. They will be planted in the coming months in the country you have chosen. You can also follow planting through our news blog.

What will happen if my friends or colleagues do not plant the trees I offered them online ?

All trees offered by an individual or a company network are planted on the ground. In other words, regardless of the number of people who actually plant the trees they were offered on www.reforestaction.com , 100% are planted in the chosen country.

What is the cost breakdown by funded tree?

Here is the breakdown of costs  by funded tree, weighted for all of our projects:

  • project funding : 70%
  • plantation monitoring over 5 years : 25% (5% per year)
  • administrative management : 5%

Is the financing of trees eligible for tax deduction?

Reforest'Action is not an association, so the amounts paid for the planting of trees can not be deducted from taxes.

How are the trees monitored?

Internationally, before planting, species selection, soil analysis and preparation are carried out and supervised by teams of our local partners (NGOs and social enterprises) composed of agronomists and village relay. Once the trees are planted, the very same people monitor their development every year. If the trees decay during their first year, they are replaced by new ones.

Can I participate in planting in the field?

Reforest'Action offers a unique model of participatory reforestation. Each of you can plant trees on our site, offer some to friends or colleagues and so act in a participative and practical way for the forest. As for tree plantation operations organized in France, they are funded by companies that want to act with their employees. To date we do not offer special plantation operations for private individuals. However if there are  vacant seats on an operation financed by a company, we appeal to individuals on social networks. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.


About the carbon calculator

Why offset my CO2 emissions?

Every day, each of your actions has an impact on the environment: your transportation, your food, your electricity consumption... These different activities emit CO2, whose rapid increase in the atmosphere contributes to current climate change. It is therefore essential to take into account the impact of our actions on the climate and the environment, to first and continously reduce our carbon footprint, and to offset our residual CO2 emissions.

Is my carbon offset with the Reforest'Action calculator certified?

Each tree planted by Reforest'Action is associated with carbon credits. By offsetting their emissions with the Reforest'Action CO2 calculator, citizens act both at the level of the chosen reforestation project and at the level of an international climate solidarity project.

How does the Reforest'Action CO2 Calculator help me make a positive impact on the environment?

A tree generates a whole series of social and environmental benefits. Carbon storage, oxygen production, development of biodiversity, development of local jobs... These benefits produced by the tree allows those who plant it to have a positive impact on the environment beyond offsetting their CO2 emissions. These benefits are detailed on the planting certificate you receive by email once the transaction is completed.

What data are my emissions calculated from?

The Reforest'Action CO2 calculator is based on data supplied by ADEME. It is not an exhaustive footprint but a targeted diagnosis of the main emissions items in your daily life: your transportation, your dwelling and your consumption.

What is my "budget in computer equipment"?

This item refers to your annual expenses in everything related to electronics: computers, telephones, televisions, cameras...

What is my "budget in furniture"?

This item refers to your furniture expenses for your home.