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Assisted Natural Regeneration, a complementary solution to tree planting to restore degraded forests

Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) is a complementary solution to tree planting. This solution consists of a soft forest management method that preserves and strengthens existing forests through forest maintenance work that respects and mimics the natural reproduction cycle of trees. This method favors the progressive regeneration of the forest and thus the preservation of biodiversity and the carbon storage function of the soil throughout the process. Within a degraded forest plot that needs to be restored, how is the choice of silvicultural itinerary made between planting, ANR or a combination of these two solutions? In concrete terms, what does ANR work consist of? Why is ANR becoming more and more popular? These are some of the questions that Reforest'Action, an expert in forest restoration around the world, can answer.

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ANR - Assisted Natural Regeneration

Preserving and restoring the Aronas forest

North of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, the Aronas forest covers more than 1000 hectares. A massif that is precious to ecosystems and biodiversity, where a planting and an assisted natural regeneration project is taking place.

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Forest Revival After a Fire and the Impact of Climate Change

In the past few months, large-scale forest fires have made headlines, particularly in the Amazon and Siberia, as well as more recently in California. Climate change is causing dry spells and heat waves to intensify, resulting in massive fires that devastate both the environment and local populations. We asked our Forestry Project Managers a few questions to better understand what is the best strategy to adopt to promote forest regeneration after such events.

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What if Ecosystem Restoration Were Possible Without Planting?

Forests can be restored without planting using the Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) technique, which is inspired by the dynamics observed in natural forests. As part of a sustainable and gentle forest management approach, ANR meets the goal of multifunctional forest ecosystems, to reconcile their socio-economic (employment, leisure, well-being, etc.) and environmental (carbon storage, biodiversity, etc.) benefits.

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