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Kinomap vous emmène parcourir le monde depuis chez vous, avec une démarche écologique, puisque nous permettons à nos utilisateurs de voyager avec une empreinte carbone minime. Aujourd'hui, nous nous mobilisons davantage pour la planète et y associons notre communauté par le biais de challenges virtuels connectés : "100 km parcourus sur Kinomap = 1 arbre planté". Cette opération nous permettra de planter au minimum 10.000 arbres en 2022.




Kinomap takes you around the world from your home, with an ecological approach, as we allow our users to travel with a minimal carbon footprint. Today, we are more committed to the planet and involve our community through connected virtual challenges: "100 km travelled on Kinomap = 1 tree planted". This operation will enable us to plant at least 10,000 trees in 2022.

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  • Biodiversity {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.biodiversity | numberFormatting }} shelter(s) for animals created

  • Health {{ project.countTrees * fixValues.benefits.health | numberFormatting }} month(s) of oxygen generated

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Kinomap est une application d'entraînement indoor pour vélo, course à pied et rameur avec des milliers de vidéos des meilleures destinations pour parcourir le monde depuis chez soi. L'application prend le contrôle de l'équipement et change automatiquement la résistance du vélo ou l'inclinaison du tapis en fonction du profil du parcours choisi.




Kinomap is an indoor training app for cycling, running and rowing with thousands of videos from the best tracks to travel the world from home. The app takes control of the equipment and automatically changes the resistance of the bike or the incline of the treadmill according to the profile of the route. 

News from the field

Restoring forests with spekboom in the Eastern Cape, South AfricaIn the Eastern Cape of South Africa, intensive farming has severely impacted the surrounding ecosystems and biodiversity. Over the last decades, approximately 80% of the 1.5 million ha of spekboom thi

In the Sundays River Valley, C4 EcoSolutions and AfriCarbone continue to direct their efforts towards ecosystem restoration, through a large-scale project funded by Reforest’Action since 2021. Numerous stakeholders are involved in this reforestation, restoration and conservation p

News from our agroforestry and forest ecosystem restoration project in BrazilLaunched in 2019, this project funded by Reforest’Action seeks to fight deforestation, restore degraded ecosystems and develop edible forests in the heart of the Rondônia state.

The work that has been undertaken concerns two distinct areas:  Private plots where trees have been planted in agroforestry since 2019 A 260-hectare plot within the 90,000-hectare Rio Preto Jacundá protected reserve. The trees that have been introduced there since 2021 in order

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