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Regenerative agriculture: Reforest'Action brings together the private sector at the United Nations Forum on Forests

On the occasion of the 18th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), Reforest'Action co-organized on May 9th a panel bringing together leaders from the private sector to discuss the positive role of regenerative agriculture and agroforestry in achieving the Global Forest Goals. The first panel of its kind at the UN, this event could pave the way for a partnership between the private sector and the UNFF.

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Participation of Stéphane Hallaire, President and Founder of Reforest'Action, at an event organized by His Majesty King Charles III in favor of biodiversity

In 2023, His Majesty King Charles III has committed to dedicate a year of action to climate and biodiversity. Stéphane Hallaire, as President and Founder of Reforest'Action, was invited to a first reception in favor of global biodiversity at Buckingham Palace in London. This represented an opportunity to meet with project leaders and international leaders. He also took part in a round table discussion to encourage concrete action by the private sector in favor of nature.

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Protect and restore the world's forests, two urgent and complementary actions

Although forests provide us with invaluable services every day, they are still affected by deforestation at a pace of 10 million hectares deforested each year. Collective action to protect and restore forests is more urgent than ever. These actions, closely complementary and both urgently needed, will together provide a significant part of the global response to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

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