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Regenerative agriculture: Reforest'Action brings together the private sector at the United Nations Forum on Forests

On the occasion of the 18th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), Reforest'Action co-organized on May 9th a panel bringing together leaders from the private sector to discuss the positive role of regenerative agriculture and agroforestry in achieving the Global Forest Goals. The first panel of its kind at the UN, this event could pave the way for a partnership between the private sector and the UNFF.

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 Echerati Peru landscape

In Peru, forest restoration and agroforestery create wealth for villagers

In the province of La Convención, Peru, the project financed by Reforest'Action and carried out in the field by our partner Pachamama Raymi aims to recreate a sustainable social, environmental and economic landscape, favorable to the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. Around the town of Echarati, located in a valley at an altitude of more than 1100 meters, trees are planted in degraded forest plots and in private agroforestry plots.

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Project design in Vitiforestry: Techniques enriched by stakeholder relationships. Four questions to Pierre Hermans, Director of the Research Department, Reforest'Action

Pierre Hermans shares with us his rich experience in vitiforestry - the practice of applying agroforestry techniques to vineyard plots. Implementing them requires adaptation to local contexts and the issues encountered on the territory. Our expert explains how he builds the project design in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

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Northern Peru: agroforestry to revive the Pachamama

In northern Peru, deforestation and natural disasters have weakened Mother Earth, goddess of the Inca descendants, the Kichwas. Due to the lack of fertility, local farmers abandoned their lands, which have been falling into ruin for almost twenty years. Barely eighteen months after its launch, the project developed by Reforest'Action and the Center of Innovation and Management for Sustainable Development (CIGDES) has already planted more than 600,000 trees through the installation of agroforestry systems designed to restore the fertile land.

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Encouraging companies to contribute to the regeneration of living organisms: an interview with Flora Calandre, Senior Advisor, "Climate & Biodiversity Solutions" - Luxury sector, at Reforest'Action.

Encouraging companies to contribute to the regeneration of living organisms: an interview with Flora Calandre, Senior Advisor "Climate & Biodiversity Solutions" - Luxury sector, at Reforest'Action.

Increasingly concerned about contributing to the regeneration of living organisms, companies are deploying adapted solutions within their value chains in collaboration with Reforest'Action. In this interview with Flora Calandre, Senior Advisor Climate & Biodiversity Solutions - Luxury Sector, we discussed the challenges of the regenerative economy, the benefits of regenerative agriculture techniques, and the net positive impact of these projects.

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Vitiforestry at the Ruinart Champagne House to regenerate ecosystems

Vitiforestry at the Ruinart Champagne House to regenerate ecosystems

Accompanied by Reforest'Action, the Ruinart Champagne House has been deploying a pilot project since 2020 in its Taissy vineyard, north of the Montagne de Reims, in the Marne region. A great plot of almost 40 hectares near the Montbré forest was considered an ideal setting. A rare unit area in the Champagne region, it has become a place for experimenting with vitiforestry - applying agroforestry techniques to the vine. Planting trees in the middle or around the plots, cultivating in layers, or developing assisted natural regeneration: there exist various agricultural practices. These techniques can regenerate the soil, preserve water, sequester carbon, and safeguard biodiversity. Multiple stakeholders are also involved in the territory.

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Climate Week 2022: Reforest'Action participates in the dialogue on forest restoration

Invited by the World Economic Forum to participate in various events during the Climate Week as part of the Sustainable Development Impact meetings, Stéphane Hallaire, President of Reforest'Action, shared our expertise in reforestation and agroforestry. His presence in New York was also an opportunity to have bilateral meetings with major actors and funders of forest restoration.

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Togo: a regenerative project for sustainable coffee and cocoa production

In Togo, the agroforestry project within the coffee and cocoa sectors initiated in 2019 has been renewed for 2021 and 2022. While 65,000 trees have taken root in 2021, the current season will see an additional 35,000 trees planted. Regenerative, the project aims to restore the environmental functions of cultivated plots while generating additional social and economic impact for local producers.

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Togo - Agroforestry - coffee - cocoa

Mexico: supporting local vanilla production through agroforestry

In the northern Mexican state of Veracruz, nearly 92% of the forests have disappeared in fifty years to create agricultural land for intensive cattle and citrus production. As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of cyclones and droughts, the restoration of forest cover is a key issue for the preservation of biodiversity and the resilience of populations. It is in this context that Reforest'Action is partnering with the Asociación Mexicana de Bosques Comestibles (AMEBOSCO) to develop agroforestry in vanilla fields, of which Mexico is one of the world's largest producers.

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In Malawi, agroforestry increases food and energy self-sufficiency for local communities

In Malawi, the agroforestry project financed by Reforest'Action and led on the field by the NGO Inter Aide aims at ensuring food subsistence and increasing the energy autonomy of local communities by integrating trees, sources of fruits and wood, around cultivated fields. With a strong community dimension, the project accompanies the farmers at each step of the creation of these agroforestry systems, from the production of trees in nurseries to their planting and maintenance. Designed to run for three years, the program aims to produce and plant a total of 300,000 trees in different villages in Lilongwe District.

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