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Fertilising trees are renewing agroforestry practices in Togo

As in the majority of African countries, Togo’s demography involves the intensive use of land through agricultural practices to be developed. An age-old form of agroforestry, using fertilising trees such as the mysterious Samanea Saman, is one solution to counter the devastating effects of monocultures and climate change. Working together with the APAF association for the promotion of fertilising trees, agroforestry and forestry, 700,000 trees were planted in 2020 in 57 villages in the Wawa prefecture.

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A forest school to develop agroforestery models in Madagascar

Faced with one of the world’s worst environmental crises, Madagascar has lost 44% of its forest cover in just 60 years. L’École de la forêt, or forest school, was founded in partnership with Siel Bleu and 2400 Sourires and teaches children about environmental professions while promoting mindful and sustainable agriculture to help slow down climate change.

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An urgent need for funding to restore and preserve forest ecosystems

At the current rate and funding, it will only be possible to intervene in 8 to 12% of the metropolitan area of forests by 2050. The French High Council for the Climate is thus sounding the alarm in its 2022 annual report entitled "Overcome the findings, implement the solutions," while he also draws up a severe inventory of the impacts of climate change in France. We must therefore act quickly in France as well as in the world - as also underlined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in its "2022 Annual Report".

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Morocco: supporting the restoration of agroecosystems and their evolution towards fruit production

In the province of Taza in northeastern Morocco, the project supported by Reforest'Action and led on the ground by the High Atlas Foundation involves 3,000 farming families, including women's communities, in the development of agroforestry. By introducing key tree species into degraded farmland that enrich the soil with nutrients, retain water and attract pollinators, the actions carried out on the ground will enable farmers to develop their income and food self-sufficiency.

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