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An urgent need for funding to restore and preserve forest ecosystems

At the current rate and funding, it will only be possible to intervene in 8 to 12% of the metropolitan area of forests by 2050. The French High Council for the Climate is thus sounding the alarm in its 2022 annual report entitled "Overcome the findings, implement the solutions," while he also draws up a severe inventory of the impacts of climate change in France. We must therefore act quickly in France as well as in the world - as also underlined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in its "2022 Annual Report".

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Pierre Hermans : "The European forest is multifunctional by nature"

Although European forests do not face the same challenges as tropical forests do, they are nonetheless affected by degradation phenomena, caused, in particular, by climate change. What roles do European forests play in our lives and what challenges do they face? Why do they need to be restored to ensure their sustainability and multifunctionality ? Pierre Hermans, consultant and specialist in European projects for Reforest'Action, shares his expertise and reminds us that the continuous search for forest balance is what makes his job so interesting.

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The threats facing forests

The forest is a common heritage, oh-so necessary for humanity but highly threatened. In spite of a collective awareness, tropical forests continue to be victims of intensive deforestation, mainly due to our consumption patterns. At the same time, forests in temperate zones are affected by hazards which are only increasing and directly linked to climate change. On the occasion of the "Forest Month", learn more about the two main types of threats facing the world's forests.​

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